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IC unlock overview:

IC unlock (IC decryption), also known as MCU crack, is through certain equipment and methods, directly get encrypted microcontroller burning files, you can copy the burning chip or disassemble their own reference research.

At present, there are two methods of IC unlock, one is software-based, called non-intrusive attacks, with the help of some software, such as homemade devices like programmers, this method does not destroy the master chip (decrypted chip is not encrypted); there is a hardware-based, auxiliary software, called intrusive attacks. The method involves stripping the master chip (open or decapsulation) and then modifying the circuit (usually

called FIB: focused beam), which destroys the chip configuration and the chip core circuit only affecting the encryption function without changing the chip function itself.


IC unlock method:

1, software attack.

2, electronic detection attack;

3, fault generation technology;

4. Probe technology;

ic unlock

Declassified related issues:
1,IC unlock legal?
As a technical analysis method, IC unlock is completely legal and has been widely applied in many fields.

For example, our company uses disassembly software and simulation systems to analyze the design ideas and algorithms of program authors, which is very helpful for accelerating new product research and learning advanced technology.

IC unlock is a legitimate means of understanding information, but the use of information learned must comply with intellectual property laws.

Our company will provide you with all kinds of MCU crack, IC unlock service, and crack USB key.

2. IC unlock risks
We and our customers are very concerned about this problem that . We all want to decrypt it quickly and successfully. But because IC unlock is not a very simple labor, we encounter many unforeseen problems. Even the same chip, using different encryption methods adopted by designers, requires decryption methods. Different. Let's talk about these possibilities in detail with our decrypted experience.
There is a probability of failure in MCU crack. From our experience, there is a probability of failure in 1% MCU crack, and there is a probability of 0.3% damage to master slice. Therefore, we do not guarantee 100% decryption success, nor guarantee that 100% does not damage the master film, please consider this risk carefully.
But we have carefully summarized the reasons for the failure of decryption (some of which we don't list below) and tried to use a series of methods to reduce this probability. The probability of failure is getting lower and lower, and we promise to fail without any charge to our customers. The following are the reasons for the failure of the decryption and the possibility of damage to the master.