EPM7032LC44-7 chip unlock

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Development of high speed PCI bus interface card
The PCI9052 PCI bus is directly connected with the gold finger, and the data transfer between the local bus and the DSP is implemented in the dual port RAM. The dual port RAM with two CYPRESS dual port RAM chip CY7C131, consisting of 16 bit memory switching circuit PCI9052 and CY7C131 power supply voltage is 5V, and the TMS320LF2407 power supply voltage of 3.3V, so the interface level does not match the need of adding bus voltage conversion circuit, the 16 bit bus transceiver to achieve 74FCT64245. The logical conversion between the PCI9052 control signal and the TMS320LF2407 control signal is implemented with a ALTERA PFGA chip called EPM7032LC44. TMS320LF2407’s peripheral circuitry can be extended as needed. Because the FLASH TMS320LF2407 program memory built-in 32K word, debugging is completed after burning in, but frequently need to modify the program debugging process, so it can show a piece of memory, a program memory debugger, debugging is completed after the data memory is used, which is convenient and practical. TMS320LF2407 has a serial communication interface and a 16 bit parallel communication interface. The serial port can be made into RS485, RS232, RS422, SDI bus interface and so on. The parallel communication interface can be made into 16 bit parallel input / output interface. 1.4 circuit board production (1) on the line

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