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In the face of complex code and high development costs, how can we break through foreign technology monopolies, chip decryption and PCB clone is the best choice? The answer is, of course, chip decryption and PCB clone cloning.
From the current level of domestic technology development, a little bit of technological breakthrough, not only in human and material resources, but also requires a long time. So most of the current domestic routes are first COPY (that is, the so-called chip decryption and copying board), and then according to the extraction. The technical data were developed for two times. This greatly saved the capital and time, to a large extent, promoted the development of domestic technology and broke the monopoly of foreign technology.
As a window to China’s reform and development, Shenzhen has been rising rapidly for thirty years with its inherent conditions and unique geographical location. As the birthplace of the chip decryption and PCB clone industry, Shenzhen has made good progress in chip decryption and copy board technology in Shenzhen.

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