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We are currently involved in major areas including: single IC unlock and MCU crack , dedicated IC unlock and MCU crack , PLD chip decryption, CPLD IC unlock and MCU crack, microcontroller development services, software and hardware of the embedded system design, the design of the chip, the hardware system design, software system design and the software (the company IC unlock and MCU crack  only legitimacy, all relevant legal liability disputes shall be borne by the other party, the company is not responsible for), for the domestic and foreign electronic enterprise lost the single-chip microcomputer data or study abroad microcontroller enterprise advanced design ideas to provide technical support, the company in a professional and dedicated spirit of service, adhere to the market demand as the guide, customer demand as own duty, treat every customer as a partner, rely on advanced technology, excellent team and modern management as far as possible to provide the latest market information and the best service, to achieve a win-win situation for the pursuit of the goal.


MCU  is a complete computer systems integration on a chip. Although most of his functional integration on a small chip, but it has a complete computer need most of the parts: CPU, memory, internal and external bus system, most will also have a CRT, and integration, such as communication interfaces, timers, real-time clock and other peripheral equipment. Now the most powerful single-chip microcomputer system can even voice, image, network, complex input/output system integration on a chip.

IC unlock and MCU crack  is through certain equipment and methods, direct to get the burning file encryption of the single chip microcomputer, can replicate their burning chip or after disassembling your reference study.

We after several years of efforts, the algorithm for the single chip microcomputer, architecture and technology conducted in-depth research, the single chip microcomputer principle of a storage unit has carried on the detailed analysis, accurate measurement of the various types of storage cell electronic transition probability under a few volts voltage is minimal. After we carefully designed IC unlock and MCU crack   process in ensuring decryption chip absolutely safe at the same time, also the microcontroller IC unlock and MCU crack cycle accurate to hours, makes the decryption of the reliability and the success rate is quite high.

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