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ADuC7039 is a complete system solution for battery monitoring in 12V automotive electronic applications. It integrates all the necessary work energy for accurate intelligent monitoring, processing and diagnosis of 12 V battery parameters (such as battery current, voltage and temperature) under various working conditions.
Advantages and characteristics
High precision ADC
Dual channel, synchronous sampling, 16 bit sigma delta ADC
Programmable ADC throughput: 10 Hz to 1 kHz
5 ppm/ C reference voltage source in the chip
Current channel
Full differential and buffer input
Programmable gain
ADC input range: – 200 mV to +300 mV
Digital comparator, built-in current accumulator function
Voltage channel
Buffering and in chip attenuator are suitable for 12V battery input.
Temperature channel
External and internal temperature sensor scheme
Micro controller
ARM7TDMI-S kernel, 16/32 bit RISC architecture 20.48 MHz PLL on-chip precision oscillator
JTAG port support code download and debug
64 kB Flash/EE memory option, 4 kB SRAM
Flash/EE durability: 10000 cycles, data retention time: 20 years.
Online download through JTAG and LIN
Internal and external settings
LIN 2.1 compatible slave machine
GPIO port
1 x universal timer
Wake-up and watchdog timer
On – chip power reduction

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