HT45R IC decryption

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HT45R series single-chip microcomputer HT45R45R series HT45R45R series decryption HT45RR5R0C HT45R0C HT45R0C HT45R0R0HT45R0R0HT45R0R0HT45R0R0HT45R0N HT45R0N HT45R0N
HT45R0C HT45R0F HT45R0G HT45R0H HT45R0K HT45R0L HT45R0MHT45R0MA HT45R0N HT45R0P HT45R0Q HT45R0R HT45R0S HT45R0THT45R0W HT45R0Y HT45R0Y-RC HT45R02 HT45R03 HT45R04 HT45R04EHT45R05 HT45R06 HT45R07 HT45R09 HT45R11 HT45R15 HT45R16HT45R23 HT45R24 HT45R34 HT45R35 HT45R36 HT45R38 HT45R52HT45R54 HT45RM02 HT45RM03 HT45RM03A

HT46  IC decryption  :HT46R01 HT46R02 HT46R03 HT46R12 HT46R12A HT46R14 HT46R14AHT46R22 HT46R23 HT46R232 HT46R24 HT46R32 HT46R34 HT46R342HT46R46 HT46R46-H HT46R46V HT46R47 HT46R47-H HT46R47V HT46R48HT46R48A HT46R48V HT46R49 HT46R51 HT46R51A HT46R52 HT46R53AHT46R54 HT46R54A HT46R62 HT46R63 HT46R64 HT46R65 HT46R322HT46R342 HT46R343 HT46R652 HT46R71D HT46R72 HT46R72D HT46R73HT46R73D HT46R74 HT46R74D HT46R82 HT46R83 HT46R84 HT46R92HT46R94 HT46RB50 HT46RB70 HT46RU25 HT46RU26 HT46RU66 HT46RU67HT46RU68 HT46RU75D HT46R644 HT46R HT46R46E HT46R47E HT46R49EHT46R48AE HT46R48E HT46R4AE HT46R321 HT46RS03 HT46RU22 HT46RU232HT46RU24 HT46R065 HT46R064 HT46C46 HT46R067

HT48 IC decryption :HT48R02 HT48R03 HT48R05A HT48R062 HT48R06A HT48R06VHT46R01C HT46R02C HT48R01C HT48R02C HT48R07A HT48R07V HT48R08A HT48R08V HT48R09A HT48R09V HT48R0AAHT48R10A HT48R11 HT48R12 HT48R30 HT48R30A-1 HT48R31 HT48R32HT48R37A HT48R50 HT48R50A HT48R51 HT48RA0 HT48RA1 HT48RA3HT48RA5 HT48RB8 HT48R502 HT48R52 HT48R52A HT48R53 HT48R54AHT48R70A HT48RU80 HT48RX50A HT48R06E HT48F06E HT48F10E HT48F30E

HT49R IC decryption HT49R10A HT49R30A HT49R50A HT49R70A HT49R84 HT49RA0 HT49RA1HT49RB50 HT49RB70 HT49RU80 HT49CA0
HT56R IC decryption:HT56R62 HT56R64 HT56R642 HT56R644 HT56R65 HT56R654 HT56R656HT56R66 HT56R666

HT82 IC decryption:HT82K68E HT82K95E HT82K96E HT82K69E HT82K70E HT82K71E HT82K72EHT82K73E HT82K75E HT82K92E HT82K94E HT82K95EE HT82M66E HT82M72EHT82M73E HT82M99E HT82M99EC HT82M99EE HT82M9AE HT82M9AEE HT82M9BEHT82M9BEE HT82M66E HT82M72E HT82M73E HT82M99E HT82M99EC HT82M99EEHT82A851R HT82J30R HT82J97E HT82J98E HT49RB50 HT49RB70

HT95 IC decryption:T95A10P HT95A20P HT95A30P HT95A40P HT95C20P HT95C30P HT95C40PHT95L10P HT95L20P HT95L30P HT95L40P HT95R32

HTG2130R HTG2150R HTG2160R HTG2190R HTG21A0R HTK209 HT23B60RHT47R10A HT47R20A HT36RFA HT36RM4 HT36RA1 HT36RA4 HT86R192HT86R384 HT86384R HT89R10

HT66F30 IC unlock sucess

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Flying star technology is dedicated to chip decryption, single chip decryption, encrypted dog cracking, program extraction and other services, the company has a number of senior professional software and hardware R & D engineers and reverse research engineers, as well as advanced testing equipment and instruments. The latest HT66F30-1 has been one of the hard chips in the industry. Sac has now achieved effective results in HT66FXX series through the research of the open chip. It is a A/D type Flash single chip with 8 bit high performance and simple instruction set. The MCU has a series of functions and characteristics, and its Flash memory can be programmed many times to provide users with great convenience. On the memory side, it also contains a RAM data storage and a EEPROM memory that can be used to store non-volatile data such as ordinal and calibration data.
In terms of analog features, the MCU contains a multi-channel 12 bit A/D converter and dual comparator function. It also has a number of flexible timer modules, which can provide timing function, pulse generation function and PWM generation function. The built-in SPI and I2C functions provide a convenient interface for designers to communicate with external hardware. Internal watchdog timer, low voltage reset and low voltage detection and other internal protection characteristics, plus excellent anti-interference and ESD protection performance, to ensure the reliable operation of the MCU under the harsh electromagnetic interference environment. This MCU provides a wealth of HXT, LXT, ERC, HIRC and LIRC oscillator function options, and built-in complete system oscillator, without peripheral components. Its ability to switch dynamically between different modes of operation provides users with a means to optimize SCM operation and reduce power consumption.
HT66FUx0 Series MCU contains UART modules, which can support data communication networks such as singlechip, data connection between low cost PC and external equipment, communication between portable and battery powered equipment. It can be widely used in various products, such as electronic measuring instruments, environmental monitoring, handheld measuring tools, family applications, electronic control tools, motor control and so on, with other features such as time base function and flexible I/O use. If HT66F30-1 chips need to be decrypted, please contact us!


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HT46R01A and HT48R01A are the eight bit 10-Pin microcontroller series newly developed by HOLTEK semiconductor. Hetai HT46R01A Series MCU includes HT46R01A1, HT46R01A2 and HT46R01A3. Hetai HT48R01A Series MCU includes HT48R01A1, HT48R01A2 and HT48R01A3.
HT46R01A MCU crack  and HT48R01A single-chip decryption technology mature, HT46R01A1, HT46R01A2, HT46R01A3, HT48R01A1, HT48R01A2 and HT48R01A3 MCU crack  success rate 100%. If you have HT46R01A1, HT46R01A2, HT46R01A3, HT48R01A1, HT48R01A2, HT48R01A3 chip decryption or other HT MCU crack  needs.
HT46R01A and HT48R01A have ROM 1K x 14, RAM 64 Bytes, I/O up to 8 ports, Stack number 4-level, built 8 bit bit. In addition, this series provides a RTC Timer, an external interrupt trigger, a Buzzer hardware output, and a three stage low voltage reset (LVR), which provides a package of 10-Pin MSOP in packaging. Among them, HT46R01A provides 4 channels 8-bit A/D and 1 sets of 8-bit PWM. Its highly integrated architecture provides users with a cost-effective solution.
HT46R01A and HT48R01A provide Crystal, ERC (External R.C.), IRC (Internal R.C.) and 32kHz RTC collocation IRC and so on. The four oscillating circuits choose to produce system frequency. Among them, IRC oscillator circuit can choose 4MHz, 8MHz and 12MHz. It is worth mentioning that the IRC oscillator circuit is internally corrected, and the oscillation frequency error is less than 5% in the full working voltage range.
This series of products is characterized by small package and complete functions. The size of the 10-Pin MSOP package is 3mm x 3mm, which is smaller than that of the 8-Pin DIP/SOP package, making this series of microcontroller suitable for product applications with limited space. Low cost, low power consumption, high efficiency, and multi-functional composite I/O can be used for HT48R01A and HT46R01A to be applied to very diverse products and various fields that have not been thought of in the past.
The new version HT48R01A and HT46R01A are compatible with the old HT48R01 and HT46R01 feet, and PCB boards can be shared. In addition to increasing the PA7 Wakeup function, the new version, when selecting the RC oscillating circuit to produce the system frequency, the system wakeup after the fastest time is the fastest two system clock, greatly improving the efficiency and reducing power consumption. It should be noted that due to the difference between the new and old version of Option Table, the program needs to be recompiled if it is to be converted from the old version to the new version. The functions of HT48R01A and HT46R01A include HT48R01 and HT46R01, which will replace the old ones in the future, and will become the main products of this series in the future.
Chip decryption center HT46R01A MCU crack  and other Hetai HOLTEK MCU crack  scheme mature, the success rate of 100%.
Note: HT46R01A single chip decryption and HT48R01A chip decryption preferably provide 2 master pieces and several empty pieces.