HT69F20 IC unlock

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The company is located in the Hsinchu science and Industry Park. Its sales network is all over the world’s major countries and regions. In order to develop and innovate in Taiwan, sales service is the model of the whole world. The company’s product strategy has always focused on the “MCU” and the micro controller (MCU Peripherals) as the main axis of development, constantly playing and establishing the image of the MCU professional company, and expanding the application and service levels of MCU to create more space for development. At present, the range of semiconductor products includes universal and special type microcontrollers (MCU). In addition to general applications, it covers various fields such as voice, communication, computer peripherals, household appliances, medical care, vehicle and safety monitoring, and provides various peripheral components such as power management and non-volatile memory. The goal is to provide customers with more functional and complete solutions for product development.
The old version of HOLTEK singlechip, such as HT48R06a-1, is easy to crack, and Flying star can be solved for 30 minutes (the limit of the product through legal channels, IC unlockĀ  for legal purposes).
In order to solve the situation that the chip is easy to be cracked, and provide the FALSH single chip, the group semiconductor and the improvement process. After 2012, we use the latest chip company to produce FLASH chips, such as HT46F46E, HT46F47E, HT46F48E, HT46F49E, HT48F06E, HT48F06V, HT48F10E, HT48F10V, HT48F30E, HT48F30V, etc. 70E, HT48E06, HT48E10, HT48E30, HT48E50, HT48E70 HT46F47V, HT46F48V, HT48F06V, HT48F10V, HT46F46V, HT66F005. HT66F03M, HT66F03T3, HT66F04, HT66F042, HT66F04C, HT66F04L, HT66F04M, HT66F13, HT66F14, HT66F15, HT66F15T, HT66F20. F860, HT66FB20, HT66FB30, HT66FB30-1, HT66FB40, HT66FB50, HT66FB540, HT66FB550, HT66FB560, HT66FB60, HT66FB70A, HT66FH2230. U60, HT66FU60A, HT66FU70A, HT66FV140, HT66FV240, HT32F1251, HT32F1251B, HT32F1252, HT32F1253, HT32F1755, HT32F1765. B-2, HT45F20, HT45F23, HT45F23A, HT45F23A-3, HT45F23-N, HT45F24A, HT45F24A-3, HT45F26, HT45F2H, HT45F2J, HT45F2P. H3T, HT45FH3T-2, HT45FH4J, HT45FH4M, HT45FH4M-1, HT45FH4N, HT45FH4T, HT45FH82, HT45FM03B, HT45FM2C, HT45FM2D, HT45FM30. 8F016L, HT68F016R, HT68F017, HT68F0172, HT68F0174, HT68F017L, HT68F017R, HT68F018, HT68F03, HT68F032, HT68F03C, HT68F03L. F50, HT68F60, HT68F60A, HT68F70A, HT68FB20, HT68FB240, HT68FB30, HT68FB30-1, HT68FB40, HT68FB50, HT68FB540, HT68FB550. HT83F02_16M, HT83F02_1M, HT83F02_2M, HT83F02_32M, HT83F02_4M, HT83F02_64M, HT83F02_8M, HT83F10, HT83F20, HT83F22, HT83F22_128M, HT83F22_16M. HT88F80, TS3F464D, TS3F464N, TS3F465D, TS3F465S, TS3F466K, TS3F466S, which are the latest encryption methods used by MCU, distribute the encrypted fuse position to the lower layer of the data area, and mix the data area with the data area, making it very difficult to encrypt.