EM78P IC unlock

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In view of the widespread demand in the domestic market, Shenzhen Flying star technology uses advanced technology and equipment to provide EM78P510N IC unlock, the fastest three hours to you decryption good, even if not urgent, according to the normal speed can also be completed the next day EM78P510N IC unlock. In addition to providing EM78P510N IC unlock, Flying star technology also provides batch foundry production of these chips.
The eight-bit EM78 series MCU microcomputer of Yilong Company has been introduced for many years, and is widely used in household appliances, industrial control, instruments and other fields. Its excellent structure and performance of single-chip microcomputer are recognized by users. This article provides the decryption technology analysis of EM78P510N mcu chip microcomputer for reference to our customers and technical engineers.
EM78P510N overview
EM78P510N is a 8 bit RISC microprocessor with low power consumption and high speed CMOS technology. On-chip Watchdog Timer (WDT), LCD Data RAM and ROM, Programmable Real-time Clock Counter, Internal/External Interrupt, Power Down Mode, 12-bit A/D Converter, UART, SPI, 8-channel LED Driver, LCD Driver and Tristate I/O.
EM78P510N characteristics
Working voltage: 2.1V ~ 5.5V
Working temperature: -40 C ~ 85 C
Double clock operation or PLL operation mode.
. choose crystal clock / RC oscillating circuit of system clock through code options.
Pass the code option to select sub oscillator 32.768kHz oscillator / RC oscillator circuit.
Operation mode
– common mode
– green mode
– idle mode
Sleep mode
256 byte universal register
* 84K * 13 on chip programmable read-only memory (OTP-ROM)
43 bidirectional three state I / O port
816 level stack for subroutine nesting
8 bit real time clock / counter (TCC)
8 bit timer 1, automatic overload counter / timer. It can interrupt the source.
– timing
– switching output
– UART baud rate generator
– capture
8 bit timer 2, automatic overload counter / timer. It can interrupt the source.
– timer
– SPI baud rate generator
Can be cascaded to a two bit 8 bit automatic overload counter / timer with a 16 bit counter / timer.
Programmable free running watchdog timer
1.0s/0.5s/0.2s/ 3.91ms and interrupt
Buzzer output (0.5K / 1K / 2K / 4K)
Low voltage reset (2.6V / 3.3V / 3.9V)
Low voltage detection (2.4V / 2.7V / 3.3V / 3.9V)
8 pin direct drive LED
External interrupt wake-up function
186 interrupt sources, 10 external, 8 Internal
99.9%. Single instruction cycle command
Liquid crystal display
– General pin driver: 1, 3, 4, 8
Segment drive pin: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 23
– 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, prejudice
– static, 1/3, 1/4, 1/8 duty cycle
A / D conversion
– resolution of 12 bit converter
– 56 s conversion speed, 1MHz FADC clock.
– 12 channel A / D conversion
SPI (serial peripheral interface)
– 8 bit transmit / receive mode
– 8 bit receive mode
– LSB priority or MSB priority transmission optional.
– internal or external clock sources
UART: Universal Asynchronous Receiver / transmitter
Three modes of sending / receiving
– allow another parity bit.
Packaging type:
– 48 pin LQFP (7’7mm): EM78P510NQ
– 44 pin LQFP (10’10mm): EM78P510NAQ
– 44 pin QFP (10’10mm): EM78P510NBQ
– 42 pin DIP (600mil): EM78P510NP
– 32 pin SDIP (400mil): EM78P510NK
– 32 pin SDIP (400mil): EM78P510NAK
– 32 pin SOP (450mil): EM78P510NM
– 32 pin SOP (450mil): EM78P510NAM