LATTICE chip decryption

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Depending on the mature decryption scheme and decryption technology as well as rich practical decryption experience, our company can provide high quality, high reliability, reasonable price, shorter cycle of chip decryption services. LC4256V is one of the typical cases of successful LATTICE PLD chip decryption. The following is the introduction of LC4256V related technical characteristics, for the reference of customers!
LC4256V characteristics
High performance, time = 322 MHz maximum operating frequency, desorption = 2.7 ns propagation delay, up to four global clock pins, programmable clock polarity control, up to 80 minutes per output, easy to design, 256 enhanced macros and individual clocks, reset, preset and clock enabled control, up to four global photoelectric controls, individual local photoelectric control, each input/output Output pin, excellent first-time-fittm modification, fast channel, speed lockingtm path, and wide-pt path, wide input gate (36 input logic blocks) fast counter, state machine and address decoder zero power (ispmach 4000z) and low power (ispmach 4000V / B / c) 65 Static Current 1.3 mA (4000 degrees Celsius). 1.8 Core Dynamic Low Power Dissipation. ispmach 4000z Operating Lower Term Line. A wide range of equipment to provide multiple temperature range support – commercial: 0 to 90 degrees Celsius junction (Tianjin) – industrial: – 40 to 105 degrees Celsius junction (Tianjin) – extension: – 40 to 130 degrees Celsius junction (Tianjin) – for. Aec-q100 compatible devices refer to la-ispmach 4000 V / automotive data sheet easy system integration superior power solution sensitive consumer applications 3.3 lvcmos operation input / output 3.3 supplies Volt tolerant me / aolvcmos 3.3, lvttl, and interface hot-socketing leak capacity input pull-up or bus-keep pull-down 3.3v/2.5v/1.8v In System Programmable (isptm) using 1532 standard interfaces, input/output pins and fast installation paths, lead-free packaging options: 100 tqfp, 144 TQFP tqfp, 176, 256 ftbga/fpbga.