Sn8f27161/sn8f27e64 ic unlock

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SONIX (Song Han) MCU old chip using ordinary encrypted fuse encrypted, IC unlock alone smaller, if it is discontent data, Flying star can be cracked for 30 minutes, even if full of data, if urgent, Shanghai Sheng electronics can be cracked for 3 hours.
In view of the current demand for research in the domestic market, Flying star uses advanced technology and equipment to decrypt sn8f27e61/sn8f27e64 and decrypt you quickly (except for the copper wire bindings, that time is longer). Even if it is not urgent, you can complete the sn8f27e at the normal speed, too. 61/sn8f27e64 full data IC unlock . As of November 2012, Flying Star Electronic exclusive can decrypt SN8P2711B, sn8f27e61/sn8f27e64 MCU.