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DsPIC30F5015 IC unlock scheme is mature, we dsPIC30F2010, dsPIC30F3010, dsPIC30F4012, dsPIC30F3011, dsPIC30F4011, dsPIC30F5015, dsPIC30F6010 and dsPIC30F6010A dsPIC30F series IC unlock price low, and the IC unlock cycle short. If you have dsPIC30F5015 chip decryption or other dsPIC30F MCU decryption needs, welcome to call for consultation. DsPIC30F series . brief introduction to the performance of dsPIC5015 devices:
High performance modified RISC CPU:
• improved Harvard structure
• C compiler optimized instruction set architecture
• flexible addressing mode 84 basic instructions
• 24 bit wide instruction, 16 bit wide data
• 12 KB flash memory program space
• data RAM in 512 bytes
• 1 bytes of nonvolatile data EEPROM
• 16 x 16 bit work register array
• operations up to 30 MIPS:
– the external clock input from DC to 40 MHz
– 4 MHz, 10 MHz with PLL active (4 times, 8 times, 16 times) oscillator input.
• 27 interrupts
• three external interrupts
• each interruption of the priority of 8 user options
• 4 processor exceptions and software pitfalls
The features of the DSP engine:
Mode and bit reversal mode
• two, 40 bit wide accumulators with optional saturated logic
17 bit 17 bit single cycle hardware decimal / integer multiplier
• single cycle multiplicative accumulation (MAC) operation
• 40 level bucket shift
• double fetching data
High irrigation / pull current source I / O pin: 25 mA/25 Ma
• 3 16 bit timer / counter; 16 bit timer for 32 bit timer module.
• 4 16 bit capture input functions
• 2 16 bit comparison / PWM output functions
– Dual comparison mode available
• 3 line SPITM module (supporting 4 frame mode)
• the I2CTM module supports multiple patterns and 7-bit/10-bit solutions
Addressable UART module with FIFO buffer
Motor control PWM module characteristics:
• 6 PWM output channels
– complementary or independent output mode
Edge and center alignment mode
• 4 duty cycle generator
– specific 4 pattern time base
• programmable output polarity
Time control of the complementary mode of death
• manual output control
/ flip-flop synchronous A / D conversion
Orthogonal encoder interface module features:
• A phase, B and index pulse input
• 16 up / down position counter
• counting direction state
• position measurement (x2 and x4) patterns
• programmable input digital noise filter
• standby 16 bit timer / counter mode
Interruption / overflowing position counter flip
Simulation features:
• 10 analog to digital converter (A / D) and:
– 500 ksps (10 bit A / D) conversion rate
– 6 input channels
– conversion can be dormant and idle
Programmable undervoltage detection and generation reset
The dsPIC30F device contains a high-performance 16 bit microcontroller (MCU) architecture with a wide range of digital signal processor (DSP) functions. Based on the wide application of dsPIC30F2010, dsPIC30F3010, dsPIC30F4012, dsPIC30F3011, dsPIC30F4011, dsPIC30F5015, dsPIC30F6010, dsPIC30F6010A and other dsPIC30F series singlechip, the demand of the dsPIC30F series singlechip is also more and more. Flying star technology launches dsPIC30F2010, dsPIC30F3010, dsPIC30F4012, dsPIC30F3011, dsPIC30F4011, dsPIC30F5015, dsPIC30F6010 and dsPIC30F6010A and other dsPIC30F series chips to break down the price discount activities.

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