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HT46R01A and HT48R01A are the eight bit 10-Pin microcontroller series newly developed by HOLTEK semiconductor. Hetai HT46R01A Series MCU includes HT46R01A1, HT46R01A2 and HT46R01A3. Hetai HT48R01A Series MCU includes HT48R01A1, HT48R01A2 and HT48R01A3.
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HT46R01A and HT48R01A have ROM 1K x 14, RAM 64 Bytes, I/O up to 8 ports, Stack number 4-level, built 8 bit bit. In addition, this series provides a RTC Timer, an external interrupt trigger, a Buzzer hardware output, and a three stage low voltage reset (LVR), which provides a package of 10-Pin MSOP in packaging. Among them, HT46R01A provides 4 channels 8-bit A/D and 1 sets of 8-bit PWM. Its highly integrated architecture provides users with a cost-effective solution.
HT46R01A and HT48R01A provide Crystal, ERC (External R.C.), IRC (Internal R.C.) and 32kHz RTC collocation IRC and so on. The four oscillating circuits choose to produce system frequency. Among them, IRC oscillator circuit can choose 4MHz, 8MHz and 12MHz. It is worth mentioning that the IRC oscillator circuit is internally corrected, and the oscillation frequency error is less than 5% in the full working voltage range.
This series of products is characterized by small package and complete functions. The size of the 10-Pin MSOP package is 3mm x 3mm, which is smaller than that of the 8-Pin DIP/SOP package, making this series of microcontroller suitable for product applications with limited space. Low cost, low power consumption, high efficiency, and multi-functional composite I/O can be used for HT48R01A and HT46R01A to be applied to very diverse products and various fields that have not been thought of in the past.
The new version HT48R01A and HT46R01A are compatible with the old HT48R01 and HT46R01 feet, and PCB boards can be shared. In addition to increasing the PA7 Wakeup function, the new version, when selecting the RC oscillating circuit to produce the system frequency, the system wakeup after the fastest time is the fastest two system clock, greatly improving the efficiency and reducing power consumption. It should be noted that due to the difference between the new and old version of Option Table, the program needs to be recompiled if it is to be converted from the old version to the new version. The functions of HT48R01A and HT46R01A include HT48R01 and HT46R01, which will replace the old ones in the future, and will become the main products of this series in the future.
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