How to inherit and replace the IC unlock technology

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Peter Drucker, an observer in the industrial age, once summed up the past chip as the three revolution. The first time was the industrial revolution. The core was that machines replaced physical strength, and chip technology surpassed skills. The second time is the revolution of the productive forces, from the 1880 to the Second World War, the core of which is the popularization of scientific management represented by the IC unlock, the knowledge of work, and the concept of standardization and measurement. The new organization of the company is rising with the development of scientific management thought. The third is the management revolution. Knowledge has become the most important factor of production beyond capital and labor force. Compared with manual labor, it is difficult to directly observe and measure the work of the IC unlock. Accordingly, the center of gravity of the management is turned to the incentive, especially the matching of the motive. Option incentive is the most important organizational innovation in the development of high-tech enterprises in the past 20 years.
Along this way, the further development of the IC unlock is the identity of the culture. For most enterprises, the enterprise culture is natural and not artificial. Let like-minded people come together, and there is no need for traditional technology to assess and inspire. In essence, they are self driving and self organizing, and the recognition of IC unlock is very serious. In order to enjoy their own culture, they are willing to give, support and create. A chip deciphering with their values and sense of mission can make them come together and forge ahead, so the core functions of the organization will evolve into culture and values. All successful enterprises are different, because different enterprises have created different social genes or thought genes, and this IC unlock can cross the boundary of the enterprise, affect the whole industry and society, and realize the horizontal inheritance. The acquisition of GE reflects the radiation and influence of Si Chi decryption, and goes out of the boundary of the enterprise and realizes synergy in the industry.
The success of IC unlock is far beyond the scope of home appliances, and the impact is far from limited to Flying star. Building a “self – thought” enterprise culture and “building a single business model” let Flying star technology get rid of the long term price war in the household electrical appliance industry, or even say that the IC unlock created by Flying star has affected the social culture and concept. “A win-win model”, it liberates the staff from the traditional bureaucracy, combines the global resources, continuously iterates the product, finds the market demand, and achieves the goal by self performance, so that everyone is their own CEO. Having their own users is not an end. The ultimate goal is to create subversive products for the decryption of the chip, which will change in the future.

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