HT66F30 IC unlock sucess

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Flying star technology is dedicated to chip decryption, single chip decryption, encrypted dog cracking, program extraction and other services, the company has a number of senior professional software and hardware R & D engineers and reverse research engineers, as well as advanced testing equipment and instruments. The latest HT66F30-1 has been one of the hard chips in the industry. Sac has now achieved effective results in HT66FXX series through the research of the open chip. It is a A/D type Flash single chip with 8 bit high performance and simple instruction set. The MCU has a series of functions and characteristics, and its Flash memory can be programmed many times to provide users with great convenience. On the memory side, it also contains a RAM data storage and a EEPROM memory that can be used to store non-volatile data such as ordinal and calibration data.
In terms of analog features, the MCU contains a multi-channel 12 bit A/D converter and dual comparator function. It also has a number of flexible timer modules, which can provide timing function, pulse generation function and PWM generation function. The built-in SPI and I2C functions provide a convenient interface for designers to communicate with external hardware. Internal watchdog timer, low voltage reset and low voltage detection and other internal protection characteristics, plus excellent anti-interference and ESD protection performance, to ensure the reliable operation of the MCU under the harsh electromagnetic interference environment. This MCU provides a wealth of HXT, LXT, ERC, HIRC and LIRC oscillator function options, and built-in complete system oscillator, without peripheral components. Its ability to switch dynamically between different modes of operation provides users with a means to optimize SCM operation and reduce power consumption.
HT66FUx0 Series MCU contains UART modules, which can support data communication networks such as singlechip, data connection between low cost PC and external equipment, communication between portable and battery powered equipment. It can be widely used in various products, such as electronic measuring instruments, environmental monitoring, handheld measuring tools, family applications, electronic control tools, motor control and so on, with other features such as time base function and flexible I/O use. If HT66F30-1 chips need to be decrypted, please contact us!

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