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Single chip microcomputer (MCU) general block have internal EEPROM/FLASH for users to store procedures and work data. What call IC crack and MCU unlock? If in the programs which are illegal to read, must solve the password can read it, this process is commonly referred to as IC crack and MCU unlock

In order to prevent unauthorized access to or copies of single chip machine program, with most of the IC crack and MCU unlock, in order to protect the on chip program; If located in programming can be enabled (lock), cannot use average programmer directly read procedure in the MCU, MCU attacker with the aid of special equipment or homemade equipment, the use of loopholes in the design of the microcontroller chip or software defect, through a variety of technical means, can extract key information from chips, for single chip microcomputer program within this is called IC crack and MCU unlock. Most of the single chip microcomputer program written into the microcontroller, the engineers in order to prevent others copying, so give encryption, lest someone reading the program inside.

IC crack and MCU unlockcan be divided into two categories, one is hardware encryption, one kind is the software encryption. Hardware encryption, for single chip microcomputer, is generally SCM vendors will be encrypted fuse curing in IC, fuse is encrypted and unencrypted state, if in a state of encryption, general tool cannot be read inside the IC program content, to read the content, the hardware is involved, must be professional in hardware decryption tool and professional engineers.

In fact, any single chip microcomputer theoretically, attackers are available sufficient investment and time using the above methods to break. This is the basic principle of the system designer should always keep in mind, therefore, as a electronics design engineer is very necessary to understand the current SCM attack of the latest technology, to achieve the enemy and know yourself, know fairly well, and can effectively prevent the spend a lot of money and time worked so hard to design their own products being fake things happen overnight.

As is known to all, now that involves areas of single-chip decryption is reproducing product commonly, really used for studies of learning, can’t say no, but only extremely rarely. So, want to IC crack and MCU unlock, just need to know the principle of IC crack and MCU unlock.

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