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We often receive this kind of consultation. For a single chip microcomputer, we take the STC15 series chip as an example. Customer inquiries, whether the STC15 series microcontroller company can IC unlock how much the cost. The reply given by our company is: it can be done and the cost is 1.5W. The customer was surprised when he heard our offer, asked why we were so expensive, and the price of his product was only a few dozen yuan. In this case, I want to say that the IC unlock is the two development of the chip and the single chip computer program, the cost of the chip is not related to the value of the product itself.
Many times, even if it is just a small program within 10K, for our cracked, the cost is basically so much, nothing changed.
Many customers do not understand this, why only a few K small procedures still need to receive such a high cost. In fact, in the process of breaking the chip, we read the program through the FBI connection, and several K and several hundred pieces of K are the same cost as the same step for us, so the offer is also not much.

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