IC unlock process

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1. confirm that you need to decrypt the model within the scope of the if we can IC unlock
2. express or send 1~3 pieces of mother film. (it is recommended to use Shun Feng express, important chip recommends the use of premium service; it is recommended to first refer to “IC unlock common problems”, to understand the problems you will encounter in the process of deciphering, to avoid the later troubles and misunderstandings)
3 talk about the total price, sign the contract, and advance the deposit
4 complete the IC unlock within the specified time, and provide 2 samples to the customer test.
(if you provide N chips, we will provide N+1 samples).
5 customer sample test after passing through the IC unlock.
6 provide BIN (HEX, JED, POF, SOF, OTP, S19 or CDS, etc.) to burn files (or machine language, machine code) to customers.
Special case: the possibility of decryption is more than 99%, if the decryption fails, the deposit will be refunded.

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