IC unlock uncovered the cat’s eye development

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Nowadays, the speed of smart cat eye update is very fast, so that people can see too much. The higher the performance of the product, the higher the price is, the less consumer acceptance. How to speed up the popularity of high-performance intelligent cat eyes, only by reducing the cost of research and development and improving the price of products to achieve, the IC unlock company must focus on the market trend, challenge the latest products, innovate the chip to crack technical means, ready to reverse surpass.
Let’s look at the first generation of intelligent electronic cat’s eye, also known as the cat’s eye without communication function. It is only a visible cat’s eye. When guests ring the doorbell, the screen shows the door, and also takes the function of taking pictures or videos. The disadvantage is that the owner can only check photos or videos after returning home, and the information can not be synchronized with the cell phone.
The second generation of intelligent electronic cat eye is called electronic cat eye with SIM communication. On the basis of the first generation, the mobile phone communication function is added, which can be prompted by short message, the photo is sent to the mobile phone in the way of MMS, and the call function of the mobile phone can be used with the guests outside the door. The drawback is that the cost is relatively high, and SMS, MMS, and calls need to be charged separately.
The third generation of intelligent electronic cat eye, also known as WiFi wireless cat eye. It has all the functions of the first generation cat’s eye. On this basis, we use WiFi and mobile Internet to achieve visitors’ visit, ring the bell and alarm, alarm the photos, push the video message to the mobile phone in real time, and also have the video call function. What is even more surprising is that these functions are free, without paying the high cost of mobile phone communication required by the second generation of smart cat’s eye.
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