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In the field of PCB reverse research, we have been pursuing a win-win business philosophy, which has never been surpassed. Focus on reverse technology research, research on cold door technology, from PCB copy board, PCB transformation board, PCB LAYOUT, schematic design and backstepping, BOM production, Marking query, IC unlock and MCU crack, PCB plate making, prototype welding, debugging and testing to production through-train service. To create a unique “Chinese manufacturing” to provide a highly lethal service model.
The team with the latest technical personnel copy board EDA design software, professional and advanced technology, cloning of single, double, multilayer (up to 32) PCB circuit board, can be a variety of blind and buried vias difficult PCB clone, whether it is element intensive, around the microstrip line so, long-term computer motherboards, high-end graphics board, Gigabit network equipment is on the substrate, or high demanding, strict control of electromagnetic compatibility of PHS mobile phone motherboard, motherboard, wireless LAN and other wireless communication equipment, blind hole buried hole with industrial control board, multi BGA and multi processor board, we have completed the copy board PCB the full set of BOM components list, IC unlock and MCU crack chip procurement, prototype welding and debugging to one-stop service production follow up.
We hope to provide you with more choices to produce Gerber files, such as PROTEL99, POWER-PCB, PADS2000, etc., and we can make two designs and two development according to the requirements of your customers to meet your needs.
We will be realistic, the pursuit of excellence concept of service to every customer, to fully evaluate each project details, each circuit, each IC the code above does not mean IC model. The correctness of the assessment of BOM, can be purchased, PCB, SCH, BIN file is correct, every a link determines the entire product line and the success of the whole project.

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