STC IC unlock success

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STC ultra strong encryption performance has been selected by the majority of the development engineer. At present, all the IC unlock manufacturers on the market are unable to crack the STC15 series, and the STC15 chip decryption technology is also a technical monopoly. After a long time of technical research, our chip decryption center has successfully broken through the technical difficulties and can accept the STC full IC unlock service first.
At present, our company declassified STC series chips as follows: STC high version 8000-1.5 million, low version 1000 yuan. 15F series decryption only write the chip does not give the program. Write a sample deposit 60 thousand, pay 30 thousand yuan before the solution, write sample test OK pay the remaining 30 thousand yuan. The deposit has been deducted from the write down of the chip fee, and the decryption has not been completed successfully. All the payments have been made. The decryption is successful, no matter whether the chip is written or the number of chips written is not refundable.

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