TMS320F28068M MCU crack success

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My focus on chip reverse engineering is a project in the direction of MCU crack technology, which is based on MCU decryption, DSP decryption, CPLD chip decryption, ARM MCU crack , and SCM software and hardware development.
TMS320F28068M micro controller provides power supply for C28x kernel and parallel accelerator (CLA). Flying star technology is based on TI C2000 for in-depth study of TMS320F28 series. It has been able to successfully MCU crack the dspc2000 series microcontrollers. TMS320F28068M decryption is the latest product, but for core technology and decryption technology In the case of mature, it can have more than 95% assurance, and can be equal, the decryption price is informed by the business personnel, the core and the CLA and low pin number devices of high integrated control peripherals to coupling. The code of this series is compatible with the previous C28x based code, and provides a high degree of analog integration.
An internal regulator realizes the operation of a single power supply rail. The HRPWM module has been improved to provide double edge control (FM). An analog comparator with internal 10 bit reference is added, and it can be directly routed to control PWM output. ADC can perform conversion operations within the fixed scale of 0V to 3.3V and support the metric scale VREFHI / VREFLO benchmark. The ADC interface is specifically optimized for low overhead / low latency.
High efficiency 32 bit CPU (TMS320C28x?)
90MHz (11.11ns periodic time)
16 x 16 and 32 x 32 medium access control (MAC) operation
16 x 16 double MAC
Harvard (Harvard) bus architecture
Continuous operation
Fast interruption response and processing
Unified memory programming model
High efficiency code (using C/C++ and assembly language)
floating point unit
Local single precision floating-point operation
Programmable parallel accelerator (CLA)
32 bit floating-point arithmetic accelerator
Code execution that is independent of the main CPU
Viterbi, complex arithmetic, cyclic redundancy check (CRC) unit (VCU)
Extend C28x? Instruction set to support complex multiplication, Viterbi operation, and cyclic redundancy check (CRC).
Embedded memory
Up to 256KB flash memory
Up to 100KB RAM
2KB one-time programmable (OTP) ROM
6 channel DMA
Low device and system cost
3.3 V single power supply
No power ordering
Integrated reset and undervoltage reduction
Low power operation mode
Non analog support pin
Byte order: small end order

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