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atmega64420au success unlock

ATMEGA64420AU 20MHz processor speed: stripped package.
ControllerFamily/Series: Atmega
Core size: 8bit
Input / Output Number: 32
Program memory size: 64KB
EEPROM memory capacity: 2KB
Memory capacity, RAM: 4KB
Processor speed: 20MHz
Oscillator type: Internal, External
Number of timers: 3
Peripherals: ADC, Timer, RTC, PWM
Interface: SPI, USART
Number of PWM channels: 6
Power supply voltage range: 2.7Vto5.5V
Operating temperature range: -40°Cto+85°C
Number of stitches: 44
Lowest operating temperature: -40 ° C
The highest operating temperature: 85 ° C
Package form: TQFP
Number of digits: 8
Memory capacity: 64KB
Memory type: FLASH
Package Type: Stripping
Interface type: JTAG, SPI, USART
Clock frequency: 20MHz
Number of analog to digital converters: 10
Analog to digital converter input number: 8
The maximum power supply voltage: 5.5V
Minimum power supply voltage: 2.7V
Chip number: 644
Surface Mount Device: Surface Mount
Input / output lines: 32
Logic function number: 644
Flash memory capacity: 64KB

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