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EPM570T IC successfully unlock

Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. specialize in chip decryption, IC unlock, MCU decryption, PCB copy board, electronic product cloning, chip type identification and MCU program design, chip program burning and IC and other circuit board supporting original device supply, circuit board Design, circuit board processing and debugging services, and other high-tech enterprises with one-stop service.

EPM570T unlock is a mental exercise that only knows how difficult it is to try. In the process of fighting with various state machines in the CPLD chip, we can also say that it is “a battle of repeated defeats”. Today, we The ability to decrypt a 100-pin IC far exceeds the strength of the peer to decrypt the 208-pin IC, and each additional pin means that the amount of computation double. So we can finally say: “The CPLD chip analysis below 208 feet is not our most promising. The product, but it is the only product we can say “a world of choice”.”.

Our designed EPM570T unlock can resolve CPLD chips with input pins within 84 feet. For standard sequential logic chips, devices can automatically generate logic expressions. For complex sequential logic, tools can automatically create timing diagram files to match our logic analysers. Software analysis, after analysis, no need to program to verify in the specific chip, only need to be programmed according to our format, then it can be verified by the parsing device.

At present, it can undertake the decryption of CPLD chips of ALTERA, LATTICE, XILINX and MACH series. Other CPLD chips below 208 feet also consider.

The customer decryption does not need to provide a circuit board, provide 1-2 CPLD chips. For the 44-pin chip of average difficulty, it can deliver within 3 hours at the earliest.