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STM32F101 unlock successful

The main functions and features of the microcomputer temperature controller:

1 Refrigeration and defrosting control are available in a variety of ways
2 The user menu is set separately from the manager menu, which is convenient for ordinary users to operate and leaves sufficient room for advanced management.
Three backlash control mode, temperature display resolution 0.1
4 multiple alarm options

The company can provide chip crack, circuit board copying, cloning and production of the following products:

Environmental protection engineering series (water hood controller, electrostatic decontamination purifier, electrostatic high voltage power supply);
2, economic Chinese food Western food machinery equipment control board (microcomputer refrigeration temperature controller microcomputer temperature controller STM32F101 chip decryption.circuit board copy board schematic material list.

temperature display, ice cream machine control board, universal oven control board, electric steam cabinet controller);
3, three-phase motor soft start controller (three-phase motor energy saver)
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