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STM32F103 crack 100%

STM32F103,101 100 105 series IC crack is 100% disposable

All along, STM32F series chip decryption is more challenging to decrypt model in single-chip decryption. The decryption technology of the industry is still in its infancy, the decryption is very difficult, the development cycle of the decryption solution is long, and the decryption cost is high. Xinrong Technology not only can smoothly extract the program but also can modify the unique program soft encryption to achieve the same function as the original master.

The STM32F series is a medium-capacity enhanced 32-bit ARM core-based microcontroller with 64 or 128K bytes of flash USB, CAN, seven timers, 2 ADCs, nine communication interfaces.

The STM32F103xx product capacity family of microcontrollers is suitable for a wide range of applications:

● Motor drive and application control

● Medical and handheld devices

● PC gaming peripherals and GPS platform

● Industrial applications: programmable controllers (PLCs), inverters, printers and scanners

● Alarm system, video intercom, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, etc.

The STM32F103 series chip commonly used by the research core is decrypted as follows:

STM32F103T6 STM32F103ZD STM32F103T8 STM32F103VD


STM32F103RB STM32F103R4 STM32F103TB STM32F103C8


STM32F103R8 STM32F103ZF STM32F103V8 STM32F103R6

STM32F103VE STM32F103VG STM32F103RE STM32F101C4

STM32F103C6 STM32F103CB STM32F103T4