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STM32L072 unlock successfully

ST’s STM32L072 is an ultra-low power ARM Cortex®-M0+-based 32-bit MCU with integrated up to 192KB of flash memory.20KB SRAM, 6KB EEPROM and USB, ADC and DAC, operating at 32MHz, 0.95 DMIPS/MHz, working Voltage 1.65V-3.6V, operating temperature -40 to 125°C, low power consumption at 93 μA/MHz during operation, mainly used in gas/water meters and industrial sensors, health and sound system equipment, remote control and user interface, PC Design, game and GPS equipment, alarm system, wired and wireless sensors and video interconnection. This article introduces the main features of STM32L072, block diagram, and clock tree, as well as the evaluation board B-L072Z-LRWAN1 Discovery kit main features, block diagram, component layout, and Circuit Diagram.

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