High success rate and high difficulty IC unlock

Shenzhen Flying Star Technologies is the most advanced company in the field of pcb copy in China. With decades of rich experience, it has successfully helped domestic and foreign enterprises, governments and well-known scientific research institutions to overcome a number of technical problems. In the medical electronics, industrial control equipment, military aerospace, communications equipment, radio and television equipment, transport equipment, automotive electronics, home electronics and other industries have successfully launched a number of innovative products, familiar with the needs of consumers in these areas, you can make important product upgrades, and with customers to find the right product market positioning.
Not only that, Flying Star technology services are also one-stop, for users to provide from the board copy, production, patch, instrumentation, welding, assembly, testing, maintenance, inspection, packaging to shipment of the whole process of service, choose Sichi technology board copy company, is the choice of a continuous innovation tomorrow!
Shenzhen Flying Star Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated a large number of software development since entering the software and hardware development market in 2001. The software is Chinese, the registry is decrypted, the chip is decrypted, the microcontroller is decrypted, the DOS software is Chinese, the DOS software is modified, the DOS software is decrypted, the dog is decrypted, the dog is copied, the industrial computer software is Chinese, the industrial computer is decrypted. Successful experience in software and hardware development, such as software modification, industrial computer software decryption, high-precision multi-layer PCB board (clone), mobile phone PCB board (clone), PCB LAYOUT, board modification, backstepping schematic diagram, semi-finished product processing, etc. Since its inception, the company has successfully developed and implemented a large number of software and hardware systems for users of all walks of life, and has been recognized and praised by customers of many industries in various regions.
Flying star technology company has first-class technology, production, service personnel and international advanced production equipment, to provide customers with highly professional, highly efficient, price competitive all kinds of software technology and PCB design, board copying, production and a series of comprehensive technology development and functional improvement. It provides software technology including software development and Sinicization technology, software registration and decryption and chip decryption technology, microcontroller software and DSP decryption technology, DOS software decryption and Sinicization technology, and according to customer requirements to make reliable chip design, wafer OEM, chip imitation and OEM, CPLD decryption, PCB board and PCB board. The design and processing of the map, the design of the schematic diagram and schematic diagram, and the production of BOM tables. The company can also provide customers with material procurement services, ODM, OEM and SMT substitution services, as well as the production of functional prototype services, for enterprise customers to design prototype, prototype software programs and hardware functions of the secondary development of a complete set of solutions.
Shenzhen Flying Star Technology Co., Ltd. has the most senior chip decryption experts in China, focusing on high-difficult chip cracking, in AT88SC0104C, STM32F103, Fujitsu series, Motorola series, Freescale series, Xilinx series (XC95144, XC9572, XC9536, etc.), C8051 series, TI series (MSP430F series, TMS series), S series. TC Series (89 Series, 11 Series, 12 Series, 10 Series, etc.), SST Series, PIC Series, AT88 Series, CYPRESS Series, DALLAS Series, PHILIPS Series, Lattice Series, Altera Series, Mitsubishi Series, Reza Series, Shinmao SYNCMOS Series (old and new versions), DSP Series and other chip with shocking price advantages and success. Power. Proficient in industrial control equipment and game board cloning and reproduction. Rich experience in IC unlock, quality and price is absolutely guaranteed. Answer customer questions at any time, we can provide relevant electronic technical support. Let customers feel free to do a good job of products. Our pursuit is "proficiency"! To explore the technological areas that others can not reach, and constantly improve their own characteristics of scientific and technological services, so that more people realize the dream of short-term prosperity.