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Elan EP78F and EP78P IC crack:

ELAN full EP78F and EP78P, ELAN full range of decryption experiments,
The business content of ELAN Electronics is mainly research and development and marketing integrated circuit (IC) products. The product line includes consumer chips, communication chips, microcontrollers, personal computer peripheral chips, digital display chips, and intelligent human-machines. The application chip of interface technology, the current total number of employees, has become a research and development talent, and the annual investment in the proportion of 13% of the yearly turnover of research and development of new products, is an integrated circuit that emphasizes the development of new IC products as the central axis.

Model List


EM78P131A, EM78P134N, EM78P141, EM78P142, EM78P143, EM78P153, EM78P153S, EM78P153E, EM78P153B, EM78P153K, EM78P154N, EM78P156, EM78P156E, EM78P156N, EM78P156K, EM78P157N, EM78P159N, EM78P163N, EM78P164N, EM78P173N, EM78P176N, EM78P202N, EM78P210N, EM78P220N, EM78P224N, EM78P257, EM78P259N, EM78P260N, EM78P301N, EM78P311N, EM78P312N, EM78P330N, EM78P342N, EM78P346N, EM78P349N, EM78P366N, EM78P372N, EM78P372K, EM78P373N, EM78P374N, EM78P417N, EM78P418N, EM78P419N, EM78P447S, EM78P447N, EM78P451S, EM78P451, EM78P452, EM78P458, EM78P459, EM78P468, EM78P468S, EM78P468R, EM78P468K, EM78P468N, EM78P468B, EM78P469, EM78P470N, EM78P507N, EM78P516N, EM78P520N, EM78P528N, EM78P565, EM78P566, EM78P567, EM78P568, EM78P569, EM78P611F, EM78P611G, EM78P613, EM78P806, EM78P808, EM78P809, EM78P809N, EM78P811, EM78P813, EM78P803A, EM78P803B, EM78P860, EM78P870, EM78P911, EM78P925, EM78P5839, EM78P5840, EM78P5841, EM78P5842, EM78P5840N, EM78P5841N, EM78P5842N, EM78P5830

EM78F541N, EM78F542N, EM78F544N, EM78F548N, EM78F561N, EM78F562N, EM78F564N, EM78F568N, EM78F602N, EM78F641N, EM78F642N, EM78F644N, EM78F648N, EM78F661N, EM78F662N, EM78F664N, EM78F665N, EM78F668N, EM78F734N, EM78F758N, EM78F752N, EM78F704N 

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