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Motorola mc68h crack,MC9S MCU unlock :

MOTOROLA series IC unlock MOTOROLA MCU has on-chip FLASH, with FLASH memory online programming function and security function (FLASH programming / check voltage generat by the chip internal charge pump), programming.

Shenzhen OROD IC unlock center has made significant breakthroughs in the field of MOTOROLA IC crack(Freescale) chip decryption. We have conducted in-depth research on the algorithms, architecture, and process of many (Freescale) chip decryptions. At present, many difficult models of this series have successfully cracked, and we can provide more reliable technical support for a broader range of customers.

Model List

MM908E621 [SOIC54] DIL48/SOIC54 ZIF MM908-1
MM908E622 [SOIC54] DIL48/SOIC54 ZIF MM908-1
MM908E624 [SOIC54] DIL48/SOIC54 ZIF MM908-1
MM908E625 [SOIC54] DIL48/SOIC54 ZIF MM908-1
MC9S08GB60 (ISP) Note: via ISP connector
MC9S08GT16 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
MC68HC11A8 [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC11
MC68HC11A8 [QFP64] DIL48/QFP64 ZIF 68HC-1
MC68HC11A8 (ISP) Note: via ISP connector
MC9S12A32 [QFP80] DIL48/QFP80 ZIF HCS12-2
MC9S12A32 (ISP) Note: via ISP connector
MC9S12A64 [QFP80] DIL48/QFP80 ZIF HCS12-2
MC9S12A64 [LQFP112] DIL48/QFP112 ZIF HCS12-2
MCM6206 M29F040 [PLCC32] DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF
M29F040 [TSOP32] DIL32/TSOP32 ZIF 18.4mm
M29F040 [R-TSOP32] DIL32/TSOP32 ZIF 18.4mm
M29F200BS [PSOP44] DIL44/PSOP44 ZIF 600mil
M29F200BE [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
MC68HLC908QY4 [SOIC16] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HLC908QY4 [TSSOP16] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil
MC68HLC908QY4 (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HLC908QY4 (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908RF2 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908RK2 [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908SR12 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
MC68HC908SR12 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC05B6 [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC05B6 [SDIP56] DIL48/SDIP56 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC05B8 [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC05B8 [SDIP56] DIL48/SDIP56 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC05B16 [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC05B16 [SDIP56] DIL48/SDIP56 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC05B32 [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC05B32 [SDIP56] DIL48/SDIP56 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC705B16 [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC705B16 [QFP64] DIL48/QFP64 ZIF 68HC-2
MC68HC705B16 [SDIP56] DIL48/SDIP56 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC705B16N [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC705B16N [QFP64] DIL48/QFP64 ZIF 68HC-2
MC68HC705B16N [SDIP56] DIL48/SDIP56 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC705B32 [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC705B32 [QFP64] DIL48/QFP64 ZIF 68HC-2
MC68HC705B32 [SDIP56] DIL48/SDIP56 ZIF 68HC05Bx
MC68HC705J2 [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC705J2asJ1 [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC705J1A [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC705J1A [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HSC705J1A [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HSR705J1A [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC705KJ1 [SOIC16] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC705KJ1 [SOIC16] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HLC705KJ1 [SOIC16] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC705P6 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC705P6A [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC705P9 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC705X32 [QFP64] DIL48/QFP64 ZIF 68HC-2
MC68HC08AB16A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC08AS20 [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC11
MC68HC08AS32 [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC11
MC68HC08AS32 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC08AS32A [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC11
MC68HC08AS32A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC08AZ32 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC08AZ32A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC08AZ48A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC08AZ60A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908AB32 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908AP8 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
MC68HC908AP8 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908AP8 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
MC68HC908AP16 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
MC68HC908AP16 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908AP16 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
MC68HC908AP16 (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908AP16 (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908AP32 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
MC68HC908AP32 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908AP32 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
MC68HC908AP64 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
MC68HC908AP64 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908AP64 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
MC68HC908AS32A [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC11
MC68HC908AS60 [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC11
MC68HC908AS60 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908AS60A [PLCC52] DIL48/PLCC52 ZIF 68HC11
MC68HC908AS60A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908AZ32A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908AZ32A (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908AZ60 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908AZ60A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908BD48 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
MC68HC908BD48 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
MC68HC908EY16 [QFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GP32 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
MC68HC908GP32 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
MC68HC908GR4 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908GR4 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR4A [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908GR8 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908GR8 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR8 (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908GR8A [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908GR8A (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908GR8A (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908GR16 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR16 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR16 (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908GR16 (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908GR16A [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR16A [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR16A (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908GR16A (ISP allwire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908GR32A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908GR48 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR48 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR48A [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR48A [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR48A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908GR60 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR60 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR60 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908GR60 (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908GR60A [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR60A [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GR60A [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908GT8 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
MC68HC908GT8 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
MC68HC908GT16 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
MC68HC908GT16 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ8 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ8 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ16 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ16 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ32 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ32 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ32 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908GZ48 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ48 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ48 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908GZ60 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ60 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
MC68HC908GZ60 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908JB8 [SOIC20] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JB8 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JB8 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
MC68HC908JB8 (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908JB8 (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908JB12 [SOIC20] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JB12 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JB12 (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908JB12 (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908JB16 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908JB16 [SOIC20] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JB16 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JK1 [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JK1 (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908JK1 (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908JK1E [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC908JK1 [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC908JK1E [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC98JK1E [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JK3 [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JK3E [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC908JK3 [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC908JK3E [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC98JK3E [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JK8 [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JL3 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JL3E [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC908JL3 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC908JL3E [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HRC98JL3E [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JL8 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908JL8 [SDIP32] DIL32/SDIP32 ZIF 400mil
MC68HC908JL8 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908LB8 [SOIC20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908LD60 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908LD64 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908LJ12 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908LJ12 [LQFP64] DIL48/TQFP64-2 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908LJ24 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908LJ24 [LQFP64] DIL48/TQFP64-2 ZIF HC908-2
MC68HC908LJ24 [QFP80] DIL48/QFP80-2 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908LJ24 [LQFP80] DIL48/QFP80-1 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908LV8 [LQFP52] DIL48/QFP52 ZIF HC08-1
MC68HC908MR8 [LQFP32] DIL32/TQFP32-1 ZIF
MC68HC908MR16 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908MR16 [SDIP56] DIL48/SDIP56 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908MR32 [QFP64] DIL48/TQFP64 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908MR32 [SDIP56] DIL48/SDIP56 ZIF HC908-1
MC68HC908QT1 [SOIC8] DIL16/SOIC16 ZIF 200mil
MC68HC908QT1 (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908QT1 (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908QT2 [SOIC8] DIL16/SOIC16 ZIF 200mil
MC68HC908QT2 (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908QT2 (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908QT4 [SOIC8] DIL16/SOIC16 ZIF 200mil
MC68HC908QT4 (ISP 5-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908QT4 (ISP all-wire) Note: via ISP connector
MC68HC908QY1 [SOIC16] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908QY1 [TSSOP16] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil
MC68HC908QY2 [SOIC16] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908QY2 [TSSOP16] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil
MC68HC908QY4 [SOIC16] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HC908QY4 [TSSOP16] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil
MC68HLC908QT1 [SOIC8] DIL16/SOIC16 ZIF 200mil
MC68HLC908QT2 [SOIC8] DIL16/SOIC16 ZIF 200mil
MC68HLC908QT4 [SOIC8] DIL16/SOIC16 ZIF 200mil
MC68HLC908QY1 [SOIC16] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
MC68HLC908QY1 [TSSOP16] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil

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