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For NEC upd78f and upd79f series IC crack and MCU unlock, Shenzhen OROD Decryption Institute has successfully broken through various types of decryption technology. Through repeated experiments and multiple comparison verifications of each chip decryption technology, we can make for each chip. Provide an efficient, reliable, and competitively competitive decryption solution.
NEC Electronics headquarter in Kawasaki, Japan. As a professional semiconductor manufacturer listed separately from NEC Group, NEC Electronics has a history of more than 50 years in the NEC semiconductor division and has a full-function (IDM) business system including R&D, design, production, and sales. Focusing on microcontroller microcontrollers, digital audio and video semiconductor products, power devices and compound semiconductor products, we are actively providing customers with the world’s leading semiconductor device products and solutions. NEC Electronics’ products widely used in automotive and digital audio and video, industrial control, high-end computer and broadband networks, mobile handsets, computer peripherals, and various consumer products.
The following are some of the NEC series IC chip models that we can currently solve:

Model List

uPD78F1163, uPD78F1233, uPD78F9532, uPD79F8511
uPD78F1164, uPD78F1234, uPD78F9534, uPD79F8512
uPD78F1165, uPD78F1235, uPD78P054, uPD79F8513
uPD78F1166, uPD78F9026, uPD78P058, uPD79F8514
uPD78F1167, uPD78F9046, uPD78P064, uPD79F8515
uPD78F1168, uPD78F9076, uPD78P083, uPD79F8521
uPD78F1174, uPD78F9116, uPD78P214, uPD79F8522
uPD78F1175, uPD78F9136, uPD78P4038, uPD79F8524
uPD78F1176, uPD78F9177, uPD78P9014, uPD79F8532
uPD78F1177, uPD78F9189, uPD79F8200, uPD79F8534
uPD78F1178, uPD78F9200, uPD79F8201, uPD79F9201MC
uPD78F1184, uPD78F9201, uPD79F8202, uPD79F9203MC
uPD78F1185, uPD78F9202, uPD79F8210, uPD79F9204MC
uPD78F1185, uPD78F9210, uPD79F8211, uPD79F9205MC
uPD78F1186, uPD78F9211, uPD79F8212, uPD79F9211
uPD78F1187, uPD78F9212, uPD79F8221, uPD79F9213
uPD78F1188, uPD78F9221, uPD79F8222, uPD79F9214
uPD78F1201MC, uPD78F9222, uPD79F8224, uPD79F9215
uPD78F1203MC, uPD78F9224, uPD79F8232, uPD79F9221GB
uPD78F1204MC, uPD78F9232, uPD79F8234, uPD79F9223GB
uPD78F1205MC, uPD78F9234, uPD79F8430GB uPD79F9224GB
uPD78F1211, uPD78F9500, uPD79F8431GB uPD79F9225GB
uPD78F1213, uPD78F9501, uPD79F8432GB uPD79F9231GB
uPD78F1214, uPD78F9502, uPD79F8433GB uPD79F9233GB
uPD78F1215, uPD78F9510, uPD79F8434GB uPD79F9234GK
uPD78F1221GB, uPD78F9511, uPD79F8435GB uPD79F9235GK
uPD78F1223GB, uPD78F9512, uPD79F8500, uPD8741A
uPD78F1224GB, uPD78F9521, uPD79F8501, uPD8748
uPD78F1225GB, uPD78F9522, uPD79F8502, uPD8749
uPD78F1231, uPD78F9524, uPD79F8510,

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