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Difficult professional IC copy for 16 years _ professional service _ high efficiency and low price

Shenzhen Orode Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified high-tech enterprise integrating IC copy, reverse R&D, design and manufacturing. The company has a design and development team with rich technical experience and overall muscular strength. Products include rail transit, medical electronics, automotive electronics, high-speed communications, security monitoring, new energy, industrial control and other fields. The company has signed strategic partnerships with many well-known companies, and the two sides have formed complementary technical advantages and shared resources. The company can undertake related military projects and has reached a long-term cooperation with several military units.
Through research and analysis of the core technologies of various new electronic products abroad, the company strives to “foreign technology is used by China”, realizes the localization of different equipment, and seeks to create “China chip research and development” for domestic enterprises. Companies adhering to the “honest and trustworthy, service-oriented” business philosophy, the creation of “industry flagship” as the company’s development goals, adhere to provide domestic enterprises with professional, fast, high-quality technical solutions and services.

Shenzhen Orode Technology is a reverse research institute for IC and software analysis with more technical strength and influence in China. It has international leading technical analysis equipment, special algorithm analysis software, and skilled professional R&D team. In CPLD /SPLD/PLD chip decryption (IC copy) technology has accumulated rich R & D experience but also has been focusing on the design of encryption chip functions and software algorithm research and algorithm implementation. Such as: des encryption, symmetric encryption, md5 encryption, etc. The research of the decryption algorithm, its implementation with hardware functions, the development of system software and the nesting of the design of the underlying driver of the chip, etc., have many classic cases. OROD will help you find the lost MCU/chip data in time, understand and learn the advanced MCU/chip technology at home and abroad, and understand the MCU/chip structure and its principle to provide more favourable help!
OROD has advanced and expensive IC copy equipment:
Microscope, film opener, camera, FIB equipment, electronic probe, signal collector, vacuum machine, scanner, workbench, simulator, SEM, editor, oscilloscope, binding machine, ultrasonic, inert gas, logic Analyzer, laser cutting machine, plasma light knife, plasma bright ruler, IC robot, IC tape sealing machine, chip tube machine, image processor, IC adapter, IC pin burning instrument, IC test stand, etc. .
To let more people understand the chip principle, structure, master the various methods IC copy, and thus promote the development of the domestic chip technology market. OROD company special offers “OROD IC copy technology transfer”. This transfer technology is based on OROD professional chip decryption engineers, technicians, based on more than ten years of decryption experience, tens of thousands of chip decryption practices. Rich in content and easy to understand. Through the technical solution we provide, you can grasp the chip decryption skills in three days, and achieve twice the result with half the effort!

So far, our IC copy is difficult:

St10f273xxx series;
TMS320Fxxx series;
STM32F105xxx series
STM32F103XXX series
STM32LXXX series;
st7FLIExxx series;
PIC24HJ1xxx series;
dsPIC33FJxxx series;;
Pic16cxxx series;
MC908JBBxxx series;
TMS320F28034xxx series;;
Epm240T1xxx series;;

In order not to cause unnecessary losses to customers, the company has implemented the method of first decrypting and charging for these problematic chips. Please rest assured that the technical strength and experience are trustworthy. The price is the lowest relative to peers!