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MC68HC crack

Freescale has branches in several cities across China, with sales branches throughout hot cities.
Mainly for the automotive, networking, wireless communications, industrial control and consumer electronics industries. Through embedded processors and ancillary products, we offer our customers a complex and diverse range of semiconductor and software integration solutions, called Freescale’s so-called “platform-grade products”.
Freescale has 10,000 end-customers worldwide, including more than 100 well-known original equipment manufacturers served by the company’s own sales force, as well as other end customers who serve through thousands of dealer networks. Freescale has 24,000 full-time employees in more than 30 countries around the world. In 2004, Motorola Semiconductor became Freescale Semiconductor.

Shenzhen OROD Technology is a development and design company specialising in the software and hardware cloning of electronic products. For many years, it has been committed to multi-layer PCB copy board, PCB change board design, PCB LAYOUT, PCB back schematic design and chip decryption development, IC decryption, MCU microcomputer. Decryption, software dongle decryption, and undertake the full-program service of component procurement, circuit board processing, SMT patch soldering, PCBA finished product processing, circuit board cloning processing.

Some FREESCALE MCU decryption models are available:

MC68HC08AB16A decryption MC68HC908AB32 MC68HC908AP8 MC68HC908AP16 MC68HC908AP32 decryption MC68HC908AP64 MC68HC08AS32 MC68HC08AZ32

MC68HC705 decryption:

MC68HSC705C9A MC68HSC705C8A MC68HC705P6A MC68705U5 MC68705U3 MC68705R5 MC68705R3 MC68HC705P9 MC68HC705P6 MC68HC705KJ1 MC68HC705J2 MC68HC705B5 MC68HC705B16N MC68HC705H12 MC68HC05X32 MC68HC05B32 MC68HC705X16 MC68HC05B16

MC68HC11/711 decryption:

MC68HC11 A8(AB9ST) MC68HC11 A8(C96N)

MC68HC11A8(D26E) MC68HC11 E20(3E22B)

MC68HC11 E9(1B60R) MC68HC11 E9(D82R)

MC68HC11 E9(E22B) MC68HC11 E9(E28B)

MC68HC11 EA9(2D47J) MC68HC11 F1(2F37E)

MC68HC11 KA4(1E59B) MC68HC11 KS2(0H95B)

MC68HC11 KS4(0E57S) MC68HC11 KS4(0F60M)

MC912 decrypts MC9S12 chip decryption

MC68HC912 D60A(2K38K) MC9S12 DT128B(1L85D)

MC68HC912 DC128A(3K91D) MC9S12 DG256C

MC68HC912 DC128(0K50E) MC9S12 DT256C(2K79X)

MC68HC912 B32(4J54E) MC9S12 D64(2L86D)

MC68HC912 B32(9H91F) MC9S12 DG128B(0L85D)

MC68HC912 D60(4F73K) MC9S12 DT128B(0L85D)