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PCB reverse engineering service

In the information age, with the rapid upgrading of electronic products and the emergence of new foreign technology products, it is particularly important to carry out technical analysis, technical follow-up, technical barrier breakthrough, and competitive analysis of the existing popular products. Under this situation, PCB reverse engineering service came into being.
PCB reverse engineering service is also known as PCB copy, PCB clone, PCB clone, etc. It refers to that on the premise of existing electronic products, a full set of technical data, such as PCB files and circuit schematic diagrams, can be obtained by using various reverse research methods, and then the technical principles of the products can be fully analyzed and applied research by using these materials, and the products can be proofed, proofed, printed and processed Circuit board welding, assembly and other processes to achieve electronic product imitation cloning process.

PCB reverse engineering service
One Original Product from customer

In the field of PCB reverse engineering service, Shenzhen As the originator of the PCB copying industry, OROD took the lead in setting up a professional board copying team with strong technical strength in the early stage by focusing on technical research and research. It took the lead to put forward the idea of turning from technical research to business cooperation and devoting itself to the technological progress of domestic electronic information industry by various reverse means, and took the lead in using PCB intelligent board copying software for technical analysis and product imitation development At present, relying on 18 years of special research and practice, it has become an authoritative leading brand in PCB industry.

PCB reverse engineering service
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In years of closed-door research, the Shenzhen OROD team has been involved in almost all PCB boards of electronic products, especially for various high-precision special circuit boards and various multilayer PCBs. They have a better understanding of the complex PCB structure and routing rules including laser holes, blind holes, and buried holes.

PCB reverse engineering service
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PCB reverse engineering service
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With the help of advanced scanning technology, the latest copying software, and the most experienced senior technical team in China, Shenzhen OROD long-term provides a variety of single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer PCB copy, all kinds of blind buried hole board, laser blind hole board, ultra-high frequency board, ceramic board PCB copy board, components dense, all over the long line such as microstrip line, high-frequency processing requirements and strict electromagnetic compatibility control communication motherboard copy service, customers only need to provide a complete set of sample or prototype OROD promises that the one-time copying, changing, debugging, simulation, testing, and proofing will be successful. The accuracy rate of the copying board is guaranteed to be 100%, and the accuracy of the copying board can reach 1mil.

PCB reverse engineering service
Product schematic diagram analysis

In the copy cycle, Shenzhen OROD technology always adheres to the principle of maximum cost saving for customers. Generally speaking, it only takes 2-4 days for mobile phone board, 4-6 days for computer motherboard PCB, fast sample proofing, double-sided board, and four-layer board within 48 hours.
In addition, Shenzhen OROD provides accurate and efficient PCB board modification services for some customers, which can adjust the position of components in the board, the internal circuit direction or rewire according to the customer’s needs, so as to solve some defects and deficiencies in the original PCB design, so as to better meet the personalized needs of customers in project development or product reference design.

If you are satisfied with and interested in our service, please provide the size of your product: length * width; the number of layers of PCB; front and back of PCB pictures. At the same time, please pay attention to whether the MCU chip on the PCB is successfully unlocked. We will provide you with the best service and the lowest price! Please contact us: email:orod@chip-programmer.com ; WhatsAPP:+86-13378667812 ; Skype: hddworld;