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PIC24fj series IC unlock

Microchip Corporation of the United States produces PIC series MCU. It has a wide range of applications in home appliances, communications, industrial control, instrumentation, and other fields. The MCU is available in a variety of formats, relatively inexpensive, low power consumption and ultra-small form factor. PIC microcontrollers are currently the fastest growing microcontroller in the world, especially in recent years, and its global sales have surpassed Motorola and ranked first in the world.

Shenzhen OROD Technology successfully carried out the decryption of the series of MCU IC through the in-depth study of the internal results and software codes of the PIC series microcontrollers. At present, we can provide the models of the series of MCU microcomputer chip decryption: PIC10F chip cracking, PIC12C series MCU program decryption, PIC16C microcontroller program crack, PIC18F IC program extraction, PIC24FJ chip program disassembly, DSP IC30F / 33 F series chip decryption.

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PIC24FJ16GA002* PIC24FJ16GA004* PIC24FJ32GA002*

PIC24FJ48GA004* PIC24FJ64GA002* PIC24FJ64GA004*

PIC24FJ128GA010* PIC24FJ64GA006* PIC24FJ64GA008*

PIC24FJ96GA008* PIC24FJ96GA010* PIC24HJ128GP206*

PIC24HJ256GP610* PIC24HJ64GP206* PIC24HJ64GP210……

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