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TMS320LF2407APGEA chip crack

At present, for DSP series chips, most of us use software attack to decrypt the chip and extract the processor code. The advantage of a software attack is that it does not destroy the master, and the cost of cracking is much lower than that of hard cracking.
The commonly used DSP series, our company can provide chip decryption services, most of the time is 2-3 days.
For example: MS32LF24XXX series
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Digital signal processor TMS320LF2407APGEA main parameters:
Product Category: Digital Signal Processors and Controllers (DSP, DSC)
Product: DSCs
Data bus width: 16 bit
Series / Core: TMS320
Numerical and arithmetic formats: Fixed-Point
Instruction set structure: Advanced Modified Harvard
Device mega instructions per second: 40 MIPS
Program Memory Type: Flash EEPROM
Program memory size: 64 KB
Maximum clock frequency: 40 MHz
Number of programmable inputs/outputs: 41
Data RAM Size: 5 KB
Operating supply voltage: 3.3 V
Maximum operating temperature: + 85 C
Minimum operating temperature: – 40 C
Package / Case: LQFP

Shenzhen OROD Technology has made major technological breakthroughs in the research of TMS320F series single-chip decryption technology, and can provide safe, reliable and reasonable price decryption solutions for many typical chips.