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What is the price of PCB reverse engineering?

The price of the PCB reverse engineering board can not be measured by a single standard. Generally speaking, it is divided into a number of layers of the board. The more layers of a single panel, double-sided board, and multi-layer board (multi-layer board with more than three layers), the price will be more expensive; 2. The classification of boards used is different: resin, paperboard, ceramic, aluminum substrate, and halogen-free board and halogen-free board are also divided into the halogen-free board and halogen-free board. 3. Surface treatment is divided into OSP (rosin), tin melting, tin spraying, gold spraying, gold spraying, gold finger, silver melting, etc. the price of different surface treatment methods is also different; 4. There are test fees: the price of flying needle test and universal fixture test is also the small difference. Also need to calculate labor costs and factory profits, processing losses also need to be calculated.
To sum up, the price of the PCB reverse engineering board is affected by many factors. Shen Zhen OROD technology has developed a set of standard price system to provide customers with the most preferential service. We welcome all new and old customers to consult our customer service directly.