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xc9536xl unlock chip method

XC9536XL decryption crack
XC9536XL CPLD features:
5 nanosecond pin-to-pin logic delay
System frequency up to 178 MHz
· Available in small packages
-44-pin PLCC (34 user I / O pins)
-44-pin VQFP (34 users I / O pins)
-48-pin CSP (36 user I / O pins)
-64-pin VQFP (36 users I / O pins)
· Optimized high-performance 3.3V system
-Low power operation
-Withstand 5V I / O pins accept 5V, 3.3V, and 2.5V signals
-3.3V or 2.5V output capability
-Advanced 0.35-micron feature size CMOS Fast Flash ™ technology
Advanced system functions
-In-system programmable
-Advanced Pin Lock and Winding with Quick Connect ™ II Switch Matrix
-Extra-wide 54 input function block
-Long-term allocation of up to 90 product aspects with individual products per macro unit
-Local clock inversion of three global and one product long-term clocks
-Individual output enables each output pin
-Input hysteresis for all user and boundary-scan pin inputs
-All user password input for bus holding circuit
-Complete IEEE 1149.1 Boundary Scan (JTAG)
Fast parallel programming
Put control on individual output rates
Enhanced data security features
Excellent quality and reliability
-Endurance exceeds 10,000 program / erase cycles
-20 years of data retention
-ESD protection over 2,000 V

With the OROD encryption mechanism and super-strong encryption performance, as of December 2011, there are only 2 or 3 companies in China that can crack the CPLD of XC9536XL.
In view of the current widespread demand in the domestic market, OROD uses advanced technology and equipment to provide XC9536XL unlock chip. It can be decrypted as soon as 3 hours. Here is the decryption of XC9536XL.
In addition to providing decryption of XC9536XL chips, SHEN ZHEN OROD also provides agency sales of these XC9536XL.
We can crack the suffixes below XC9536XL (the ones that are not written below can also be cracked)
XC9536XL-10CS48C XC9536XL-10CS48I XC9536XL-10PC44C
XC9536XL-10PC44I XC9536XL-10VQ44C XC9536XL-10VQ44I
XC9536XL-10VQ64C XC9536XL-10VQ64I XC9536XL-4CS48C
XC9536XL-4CS48I XC9536XL-4PC44C XC9536XL-4PC44I
XC9536XL-4VQ44C XC9536XL-4VQ44I XC9536XL-4VQ64C
XC9536XL-4VQ64I XC9536XL-5CS48C XC9536XL-5CS48I
XC9536XL-5PC44C XC9536XL-5VQ44I XC9536XL-5VQ64C
XC9536XL-5VQ64I XC9536XL-7CS48C XC9536XL-7CS48I
XC9536XL-7PC44C XC9536XL-7PC44I XC9536XL-7VQ44C
XC9536XL-7VQ44I XC9536XL-7VQ64C XC9536XL-7VQ64I