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Actel RTAX IC crack /unlock:

High-difficulty ACTEL series RTAX IC unlock,RT MCU crack,MX unlock is a high-difficulty IC decryption Series in the chip decryption industry at present. This series of IC chips are highly encrypted and difficult to decrypt. Especially the typical sequence of FPGA chips, such as ProASIC3 series newly launched by ACTEL company, most of them have no precedent for cracking at home and abroad.
For ACTEL series of high-difficulty IC unlock, Century Core has also organized senior decryption engineers to tackle critical problems. At present, technical research has made progress in phases. Some high-difficulty chip decryption schemes have officially launched, and for a variety of high-difficulty decryption chips, engineers can also provide solution development services.
Reminds customers that ACTEL chips decryption is very difficult, the cost of decryption is relatively high, and the decryption cycle is longer. If customers do have decryption requirements, they can provide us with the relevant period for analysis and testing, and need to do an excellent job of the proper budget, taking into account the existence of risk.
The encrypted type of ACTEL series chips is very high, so its decryption is also very difficult. Especially for the typical series of FPGA chips, such as the ProASIC3 series, which is newly launched by ACTEL company, most of them have not been cracked at home and abroad.
Here, our Century Core reminds customers that considering the difficulty of ACTEL series IC unlock project. The long decryption cycle and the relatively high decryption cost, if you need its decryption requirements. Please let us have a period to test and analyze, and need to do an excellent job of the relevant budget and the loss caused by the risk of its existence.

(Actel IC open crystal element enlargement picture)

Model List

IGLOO series:
ProASIC3 Series:
ProASIC3, ProASIC3 nano, ProASIC3L
Fusion series:
RTAX series:
RTAX250S/SL, RTAX1000S/SL, RTAX2000S/SL, RTAX4000S, RTAX2000D,
RTAX-S/SL Series:
RTAX-SU Series:
RT series:
RT1020, RT1280A, RT1425A, RT1460A, RT14100A
ProASI plus series:
APA075, APA150, APA300, APA450, APA600, APA750, APA1000
Axcelerator series:
AX125, AX250, AX500, AX1000, AX2000
SX-A series:
A54SX08A, A54SX16A, A54SX32A, A54SX72A
EX series:
EX64, eX128, 256
MX series
A40MX02, A40MX04, A42MX09, A42MX16, A42MX24, A42MX36
SX series:
A54SX08, A54SX16, A54SX16P, A54SX32
ACT series:
A1415A, A14V15A, A1425A, A14V25A, A1440A, A14V40A,
A1460A, A14V60A, A14100A, A14V100A, A1225A, A1240A,
A1280A, A1010B, A10V10B, A1020B, A1020B
1200XL series:
A1225XL, A1225XLV, A1240XL, A1240XLV, A1280XL, A1280XLV
3200DX series:
A3265DX, A3265DXV, A32100DX, A32100DXV,
A32140DX, A32140DXV, A32200DX

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