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Electronics Bom Bill component procurement

Electronic components, BOM, IC chip, resistor, capacitor, one-stop order Buying instructions, tipsEvery item is important. Look carefully:1. Price:Because the price of electronic components fluctuates too much. The display price cannot be taken as the final transaction price. Before placing an order, please contact customer service personnel and send a detailed BOM list subject to the …

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PCB copy parameter

PCB copy parameter Shenzhen OROD Technology has many engineers engaged in PCB copy board and design, circuit board revision, and sophisticated electronic product development. It has a thorough and thorough understanding of multilayer PCB boards, electronic components, high and low frequency digital and analog circuit principles. Our customers provide: Multilayer professional PCB copy board. Light drawing output. …

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STM32L100 decode

STM32L100 decode About unlock STM32L100xx, STM32L151xx, STM32L152xx, STM32L162xxSystem reset;The system resets all registers except RTC, RTC backup register, and control/status register RCC_CSR.The system reset is generated by: Call Us NRST pin is pulled lowEnd of watchdog count (WWDG reset)End of independent watchdog technology (IWDG reset)Software reset (SW reset)Low power management resetOption Byte Load ResetExit Standby …

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LPC11U14 crack successfully

LPC11U14 crack successfully LPC11U23F LPC11U24F IC crack is a typical example of our DSP series decryption research. In the field of IC crack/MCU decryption, due to the different encryption and decryption characteristics and internal structure of the chip itself, the decryption methods and means are other. A particular understanding can better carry out the most secure, accurate, …

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EPM570T IC decode successfully

EPM570T IC decode successfully Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. specialize in IC decode, IC unlocks, MCU decryption, PCB copy board, electronic product cloning, chip type identification, and MCU program design, chip program burning and IC and other circuit board supporting original device supply, circuit board design, circuit board processing and debugging services, and other high-tech enterprises with …

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Lattice lc4256C IC crack success sase

Lattice lc4256C IC crack success sase Recently, the reverse program decryption of the LC4256C-5TN100I has been completed at the request of the customer. Remarks: The program provided by this IC crack is for reference only. Any commercial use has nothing to do with our company. Shenzhen OROD professionally provides various chip decryption, reverse development, and other services; …

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ST72C crack successfully

ST72C crack successfully ST Microelectronics, or ST for short, is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies. Founded in 1987, the company is a new company after the merger of SGS Semiconductor of Italy and Thomson Semiconductor of France. ST MCU is expensive in anti-interference performance; anti-interference performance is excellent! And with built-in EEPROM, Generally, …

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PIC18F25K80 IC unlock

PIC18F25K80 IC unlock We have recently researched and cracked the new version of the PIC series of chips and now provide the sequence of IC cracking services, such as customers with PIC18F25K80 IC unlock business needs can call us. PIC18F25K80 chip decryptionPIC18F25K80 chip decryption serviceThe new version of the series chip decryption model is as follows:PIC16F720, PIC16F721, …

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