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AT91SAM ARM unlock success

AT91SAM 100% unlock success.
The conditions for chip decryption are:
First, you have some knowledge and know how to turn an encrypted chip into no encryption.
Second, there must be a tool for reading the program. Some people may say that it is nothing more than a programmer. Yes, it is a programmer, but not all programs have the ability to read. That’s why we sometimes develop a readable programmer to decrypt a chip.

What is chip decryption?
Many people are interested in the chip decryption technology, how is the chip decrypted? Is there a sort of decryption device, the chip can directly unlock when putting on it. Because there are often customers who consult this aspect of the problem, it is necessary to make a brief introduction to the decryption device and the decryptor. There are many types of chips. Currently, chip decryption refers to chips with memory in the chip, such as MCU microcomputer, DSP, ARM, CPLD, etc. Since these chips encrypt after burning the user program, the usual means cannot read. T, the chip needs to decrypt.
Chip unlock equipment:
There are many tools for decrypting devices:
For example, we often hear about FIB equipment. FIB is not a decryption device. FIB is a focused ion beam device. It is an instrument for cutting and connecting materials at the nanometer level. Of course, it is the most widely used in the field of microelectronics. FIB decryption chip, then it is necessary to modify the chip circuit, so that the encrypted chip becomes a non-encrypted chip, as a chip circuit, is very complicated, how to change, modify what, this is a technical problem. For example, Beijing Zhixin Technology has its FIB equipment, which specializes in the decryption of chip circuits and has rich experience.
Also, the equipment that often uses is a microprobe, not only in the decryption of the chip but also in any microelectronics test and experiment, the microprobe is inseparable, so a right probe station has perfect decryption of the chip. Great help.