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dsPIC30F6014A MCU crack

Note: This data sheet summarizes the features of the dsPIC30F family of devices, but should not be used as an all-inclusive reference manual. For more information on CPU, peripherals, register descriptions, and general device features refer to the “dsPIC30F Family Reference Manual” (DS70046). For more information on the device instruction set and programming, refer to the “dsPIC30F/33F Programmer’s Reference Manual” (DS70157).

This document gives specific information on the dsPIC30F6011A/6012A/6013A/6014A Digital Signal Controller (DSC) devices. The dsPIC30F device incorporates a rich digital signal processor (DSP) function dsPIC30F6013A/6014A block diagram in its high-performance 16-bit microcontroller (MCU) architecture.

dsPIC30F6014A pin diagram:

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