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PCB copy process

Shenzhen OROD PCB copy is to make circuit board, prototype, component replacement, make BOM list, export schematic diagram, etc. in the case of existing PCB circuit board; clone circuit board including single board Clone and whole board clone, etc.
In the PCB copying industry, OROD has more than ten years of practical experience. It has performed electronic and circuit board tomb books and prototype production in various sectors. It controls the copying cycle, rigorous technical research, and cost Has an absolute advantage.
OROD PCB Studio, the company, continues to reform and innovate, improve the mechanism, and introduce new talents. It has always been a leader in reverse technology research on electronic products; although it has imitated, it has never exceeded.
Today’s electronic products are updated at a rapid pace. Based on the tomb foundation of the traditional circuit board structure mode and primary circuit, the OROD PCB copy board engineers have improved their research and development capabilities with the update of electronic products. The product produced is 100% the same as the sample provided by the customer; it also reduces the copying cycle of the product with a large number of blind and buried holes, saving the customer time and reducing costs.
In the process of OROD copying board, combining the most cutting-edge design software and process technology, we can create the perfect sample machine for you, which can also generate various software format files for you.
Such as PowerPCB, Prote 丨 99 / Se, PAD200 turn. Maybe your cloned product needs to generate a schematic diagram, B0M bill of materials, etc. We can also serve you throughout the process. For example, if the product you want to clone is earlier in the factory, and the components have discontinued, please find OROD. Our B0M engineers and mining engineers will solve the problem for you. If the circuit board you want to clone is more advanced; Complex, please also find OROD, our copy board engineers and PCB design and commissioning engineers will guarantee to make 100% accurate schematics and perfect prototypes for you …