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STM32F407 unlock

For the STM32F407VGT6 chip, our first step is to carry out the FIB. After the FIB finish, we will perform the wiring reading, and then complete the soft encryption and other subsequent steps. The whole cycle is about one week. At present, we have successfully cracked the car detection system. For equipment and other products, customers with needs are welcome to contact us.

STM32F407VGT6 is a 32-bit high-performance ARM Cortex-M4 processor from ST company STM32F4 series. The FLASH is 1024KB. When it executes from Flash memory at up to 168MHz, STM32F407 can provide 210 DMIPS performance and utilise ST’s ART. The accelerator implements the FLASH zero wait state. DSP instructions and floating point units expand the range of applications. At present, the product widely uses in medical and industrial fields.
STM32F4 series chip register group: There are seven low-level registers.which can be accessed by all instructions; 5-bit high-group registers.which are used for access by only a few 16-bit thumb instructions and 32-bit thumb2 instructions. One MSP and One PSP, MSP is used for accessing the program code free service; one connection register, one program counter; the other register group also contains some unique functions, status word register, interrupt mask register, control register, and will not be detailed here. Description.
When executing an instruction, the STM32F407 series processor firstly returns the current instruction address +4 value by reading the direction to the decoding and then to the execution flow. If the instruction is interrupted, an education that is already in the execution stage is also Will complete, but if it is necessary to execute a branch instruction, it will clear the ARM process and re-read the direction to ensure the execution of the branch instruction.
The STM32F407VGT6 chip has 100 pins and 82 IO ports, and most of the IO ports are 5V resistant. Support for debugging SWD and JTAG. 17 timers

, Ten general-purpose timers, two basic timers

, Two advanced timers

, One system timer

, Two watchdog timers

. 17 communication interfaces

, 3 I2C interfaces

, Six serial ports

, 3 SPI interfaces, 2 CAN2.0


, 1 SDIO. Can meet a variety of design and use needs.