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Wireless charger PCB copy board successful

Wireless charger PCB copy board.
At the request of the customer, our company decrypted a wireless charger circuit board and completed and handed it over. Customers with similar needs are welcome to contact us.

The wireless charger PCB copy board is a case of a double-panel copy board with less difficulty in copying aboard. The number of originals is small, the PCB schematic is simple, and the board copy cycle is one day. Copy PCB proofing circuit board cycle is two days;
Copy the top layer of the board. After scanning and recording essential parameters such as the model, pin position, and polarity of the component, disassemble the elements on the layout, polish the green oil, exposing the copper wire, and scan the picture to copy the circuit diagram.
Copy the bottom line of the board. There are no components on the bottom layer. Polish the green oil to expose the copper wire. Scan the picture to the copy PCB board.
The main advantage of wireless charging is that you can place your phone on a charger or desktop and charge without messy cables. This may not sound like much. Still, once consumers have experienced wireless charging, perhaps they will never want to return to the era of inconvenience caused by plugging and unplugging the power plug.
Wireless charging has been regarded as a big selling point for Apple, including Samsung. However, it seems that the wireless charging function is not just needed and standard. Although it appears to be progressing slowly, actually after several years of development
The show, wireless charging is in a stage of rapid growth. Some people in the industry predict that by the end of 2018, more than half of the world’s smartphones will be equipped with wireless charging capabilities. Wireless charging has become the industry standard.
According to research institute IHS
According to Technology’s data, more than 45 smartphones, 50 smartwatches, 430 types of charging pads, 550 types of smartphone cases, and 70 models have realized wireless charging. None at this stage
The line power technology has crossed the gap of the initial application technology, and it is expected that the penetration rate will continue to increase shortly.
Since iphone8 is equipped with a wireless charging function, domestic brands such as Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Gionee, Nubia, Meizu, TCL, etc. have shown a keen interest in wireless charging and launched several wireless charging function phones.

Shenzhen OROD Technology has many years of practical experience. It has basically cloned and prototyped electronic circuit boards in various industries. It has absolute advantages in controlling the copying cycle, rigorous technical research, and cost. Reverse analysis of the circuit board using opposite research and development technology means to restore the original product’s PCB files, bill of materials (BOM) files, schematic files, and other technical files, as well as PCB silkscreen production files, and then use these Technical documents and production documents are used for PCB manufacturing, component welding, flying probe testing, and circuit board debugging, and complete copying of the original circuit board prototype.