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(cy8c29xxx IC open crystal element enlargement picture)

The Research Institute is a specialized technical research institute established by OROD technology to enhance its CYPRESS IC crack: CY37, CY7C63, CY7C65, CY8C20, CY8C21, CY8C24 series technology service capability and customer demand for CYPRESS chip decryption service. Since its establishment, the research institute, led by senior engineers with more than 20 years’experience in chip technology research and cracking, has focused on the CYPRESS hard chip or MCU crack technology in the industry. In recent years, it has taken the lead in breaking through dozens of MCU unlock hard problems in the industry and is the most authoritative research institute of chip decryption technology in China.
Cypress series MCU cracks and other severe types of decryption.OROD Technology’s CY team especially carried out a two-month research, not only took the lead in breaking through the CYPRESS series MCU crack technology, making the doubts of the series MCU cracks end, but also repeated improvements and experiments in the decryption techniques and decryption cycle, making the decryption cost and decryption cycle significantly reduced.
The research group of chip decryption has always focused on the problematic CY37 series, CY7C series, CY8C series, CYRF high-frequency series, and the latest CY9C series chips/microcontroller decryption technology research, IC unlock cost reduction technology research, IC unlock 100% success rate technology research. Especially the fault in chip decryption. Attack technology, hardware security analysis, UV attack technology, EEPROM and Flash technology analysis, security protection location search and intrusive attack and non-intrusive attack technology, all have a thorough understanding and rich practical application experience, after repeated experiments, can provide each chip with the most economic value, the most reliable, the most cost-effective solution. Secret technique.
CYPRESS IC unlock Research Institute can undertake all kinds of Cypress hard chip/MCU crack technology cracking. and at the same time provide the high efficiency, high success rate, low-cost MCU crack technology scheme transfer summarized by the research institute, technical exchange, and cooperation to negotiate PCB sheet-copying department: mainly responsible for professional consultation, quotation and business follow-up of all kinds of PCB sheet-copying, revamping (revamping)

Model List

CY37 (XXX):
CY37032, CY37032V, CY37064, CY37064V, CY37128, CY37128V, CY37192, CY37192V, CY37256, CY37256V, CY37384 V, CY37512, CY37512V.
CY7C63 (XXX):
CY7C63000、CY7C63000A、CY7C63001、CY7C63001A、CY7C63100、CY7C63100A、CY7C63101、CY7C63101A、CY7C63101C、CY7C63200、CY7C63201、CY7C63221A、CY7C63231A、CY7C63411、CY7C63412、CY7C63413、CY7C63413C、CY7C63511、CY7C63512、CY7C63513、CY7C63722、CY7C63723、CY7C63723C、CY7C63742、CY7C63743、CY7C63743C、CY7C63310、CY7C63801、CY7 C63803, CY7C63813, CY7C63823, CY7C63833, CY7C63923.
CY7C65 (XXX):
CY7C65013, CY7C65113.
CY8C20 (XXX):
CY8C20134、CY8C20234、CY8C20334、CY8C20224、CY8C20324、CY8C20424、CY8C20524、CY8C20434、CY8C20236、CY8C20236A、CY8C20246、CY8C20246A、CY8C20536、CY8C20536A、CY8C20044、CY8C20055、CY8C20436、CY8C20436A、CY8C20446、CY8C20446A、CY8C20636、CY8C20626A、CY8C20646、CY8C20646A、CY8C20666A、CY8C20546、CY8C20546A、CY8C20566、CY8C 20566A, CY8C20437, CY8C20447, CY8C20447S, CY8C20467, CY8C20467S, CY8C20237, CY8C20247, CY8C20247S, CY8C20247S, CY8C20337, CY8C20347, CY8C20347S, CY8C20347S, CY8C20637, CY8C20647, CY8C20647S, CY8C20667S, CY8C20396, CY8C20396A.
CY8C21 (XXX):
CY8C21312, CY8C21512, CY8C21123, CY8C21223, CY8C21323, CY8C21234, CY8C21234B, CY8C21334, CY8C21334B, CY8C21534, CY8C21534B, CY8C21634, CY8C21634B, CY8C21634B, CY8C21345, CY8C21645.
CY8C22 (XXX):
CY8C22113, CY8C22213, CY8C22345, CY8C22545, CY8C22645.
CY8C24 (XXX):
CY8C24123, CY8C24123A, CY8C24223, CY8C24223A, CY8C24423, CY8C24423A, CY8C24533, CY8C24633, CY8C24794, CY8C24894, CY8C24994

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