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Infineon MCU unlock/crack:

Infineon focuse on meeting the three technological challenges of modern society: energy efficiency, mobility and security, providing semiconductor and system solutions for automotive and industrial power devices, chip cards and security applications. Infineon’s products are known for their high reliability, quality, and innovation, and are renowned for their cutting-edge technology in analog and mixed-signal, RF, power and embedded control devices.

Since the establishment of Shenzhen OROD Technology, Infineon MCU Unlock has continuously adapted to the needs of customers and the market, developing and producing a series of products that can apply to the electronic exchange. At present, Infineon chip cracking solutions have full use in various fields.

Model List

Infineon MCU unlock:


SAB-C164CI, SAB-C501G, SAB-C504, SAB-C505A, SAB-C505CA, SAB-C505L, SAB-C508, SAB-C513AO, SAB-C515C, SAB-C540U, SAB-C541U, SAB-XC167CI

SAF-C164CI, SAF-C164CM, SAF-C501G, SAF-C504, SAF-C505A, SAF-C505L, SAF-C505CA, SAF-C508, SAF-C513AO, SAF-C515C, SAF-XC161CJ, SAF-XC161CS, SAF- XC164CS, SAF-XC164CR, SAF-XC164D, SAF-XC164N, SAF-XC164S, SAF-XC164CM, SAF-XC164GM, SAF-XC164KM, SAF-XC164LM, SAF-XC164SM, SAF-XC164TM, SAF-XC167CI, SAF-XC822, SAF-XC824, SAF-XC835, SAF-XC836, SAF-XC846, SAF-XC856, SAF-XC858, SAF-XC866, SAF-XC866L, SAF-XC874, SAF-XC878, SAF-XC886, SAF-XC886L, SAF- XC886CM, SAF-XC886LM, SAF-XC888, SAF-XC888C, SAF-XC888CLM, SAF-XC888CM, SAF-XC888LM, SAF-XC2263M, SAF-XC2264M, SAF-XC2265M, SAF-XC2267M, SAF-XC2285M, SAF-XC2286M, SAF-XC2287M, SAF-XC2285, SAF-XC2286, SAF-XC2287, SAF-XC2385A, SAF-XC2387A, SAF-XC2261N, SAF-XC2263N, SAF-XC2264N, SAF-XC2265N, SAF-XC2268N, SAF-XC2361A, SAF- XC2363A, SAF-XC2364A, SAF-XC2365A, SAF-XC2365B, SAF-XC2364B, SAF-XC2363B, SAF-XC2361B, SAF-XC2267, SAF-XC2264, SAF-XC2768K, SAF-XC2361E, SAF-XC2367E, SAF-XC2368E, SAF-XC2387C, SAF-XC2388C, SAF-XC2268I, SAF-XC2269I, SAF-XC2288H, SAF-XC2289H, SAF-XC2288I, SAF-XC2289I, SAF-XC2786X, SAF-XC2787X, SAF-XC2788X, SAF-XC2297H, SAF-XC2298H, SAF-XC2299H, SAF-XC2797X, SAF-XE164F, SAF-XE164G, SAF-XE164H, SAF- XE164K, SAF-XE164FM, SAF-XE164GM, SAF-XE164HM, SAF-XE164KM, SAF-XE164FN, SAF-XE164GN, SAF-XE164HN, SAF-XE164KN

SAH-C504, SAH-C505A, SAH-C505CA, SAH-C505C, SAH-XC2263M, SAH-XC2264M, SAH-XC2265M, SAH-XC2267M, SAH-XC2268M, SAH-XC2285M, SAH-XC2286M, SAH-XC2287M, SAH- XC2285A, SAH-XC2287A, SAH-XC2261N, SAH-XC2263N, SAH-XC2264N, SAH-XC2265N, SAH-XC2268N, SAH-XC2361A, SAH-XC2363A, SAH-XC2364A, SAH-XC2365A, SAH-XC2365B, SAH-XC2363B, SAH-XC2361B, SAH-XC2768X, SAH-XC2361E, SAH-XC2367E, SAH-XC2368E, SAH-XC2387C, SAH-XC2388E, SAH-XC2268I, SAH-XC2269I, SAH-XC2288H, SAH-XC2289H, SAH-XC2288I, SAH- XC2289I, SAH-XC2788K, SAH-XC2787X, SAH-XC2297H, SAH-XC2298H, SAH-XC2299H, SAH-XC2797X, SAH-XE169FH

SAK-C164CI, SAK-C504, SAK-C505A, SAK-XC161CJ, SAK-XC161CS, SAK-XC164CS, SAK-XC164CR, SAK-XC164CM, SAK-XC167CI, SAK-XC846, SAK-XC866, SAK-XC866L, SAK- XC886, SAK-XC886C, SAK-XC886CLM, SAK-XC886CM, SAK-XC886LM, SAK-XC888, SAK-XC888C, SAK-XC888CLM, SAK-XC888LM, SAK-XC888CM, SAK-XC2263M, SAK-XC2264M, SAK-XC2265M, SAK-XC2267M, SAK-XC2268M, SAK-XC2285M, SAK-XC2286M, SAK-XC2287M, SAK-XC2285, SAK-XC2286, SAK-XC2287, SAK-XC2387, SAK-XC2385A, SAK-XC2387A, SAK-XC2785K, SAK- XC2261N, SAK-XC2263N, SAK-XC2264N, SAK-XC2265N, SAK-XC2268N, SAK-XC2361A, SAK-XC2363A, SAK-XC2364A, SAK-XC2365A, SAK-XC2365B, SAK-XC2364B, SAK-XC2363B, SAK-XC2361B, SAK-XC2267, SAK-XC2264, SAK-XC2768K, SAK-XC2361E, SAK-XC2367E, SAK-XC2368E, SAK-XC2387E, SAK-XC2388E, SAK-XC2268I, SAK-XC2269I, SAK-XC2288H, SAK-XC2289H, SAK- XC2288I, SAK-XC2289I, SAK-XC2786X, SAK-XC2787X, SAK-XC2788X, SAK-XC2297H, SAK-XC2298H, SAK-XC2299H, SAK-XE164F, SAK-XE164G, SAK-XE164K, SAK-XE164FM, SAK-XE164GM, SAK-XE164HM, SAK-XE164KM, SAK-XE164FN, SAK-XE164G N, SAK-XE164HN, SAK-XE164KN, SAK-XE167FM, SAK-XE167GM, SAK-XE167HM, SAK-XE167KM, SAK-XE167FH, SAK-XE169FH, SAK-TC1767, SAK-TC1782, SAK-TC1782F, SAK-TC1782N, SAK-TC1797

SDA2506, SDA2516, SDA2512, SDA2526, SDA2546, SDA2586, SDA3526, SDA3546, SDA3586, SDA5451, SDA5452, SDA5453, SDA5454, SDA5455, SDA5456, SDA5457


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