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NXP p87 and p89c ic crack,LPC unlock:

NXP is one of the most abundant multi-market semiconductor products suppliers in the industry and has introduced a variety of microcontrollers. Because of the full application of NXP chips, the demand for NXP IC unlock is endless. OROD technology IC unlock engineers have invested a lot of energy in the research of NXP p87 and p89c ic crack,LPC unlock method, which has achieved great success. So far, for most NXP IC crack and NXP ARM core chip decryption, we have the corresponding chip cracking scheme, can provide customers with NXP MCU decryption and NXP ARM chip decryption services.
The main controllers of NXP are:
1) LPC7000 series. There are mainly P87LPC760, P87LPC761, P87LPC762, P87LPC764, P87LPC767, P87LPC768, P87LPC769, P87LPC778, P87LPC779 and so on.
2) LPC9000 series. There are mainly P89LPC9401, P89LPC9402, P89LPC9403, P89LPC9408, P89LPC9102, P89LPC9103, P89LPC9107, P89LPC912, P89LPC913, P89LPC914, P89LPC915 and P89LPC92X series, P89LPC93X series and so on.
3) 80C51 series. Including P87C5xX2, P87L5xX2, P89C5xX2, P89C66X, P8xC591, P87C552, P87C5x, P89C5xBx, P87C51Rx and so on.
4) A series. Including PXACxx, PXAGxx, PXAHxx, PXSAxx and so on.
5) ARM7 series. Including P80Cxx, LPC21xx, LPC22xx, LPC23xx, etc.
6) ARM9 series. Including LPC29x, LPC3xx and so on.

The typical feature of P89V51RB2/RC2/RD2 is its X2 mode option. With this feature, design engineers can make applications run at the clock frequency of traditional 80C51 (12 clocks per machine cycle) or X2 (6 clocks per machine cycle). Selecting X2 can achieve twice the throughput at the same clock frequency. Another way to benefit from this feature is to halve the clock frequency and keep the characteristic unchanged, which can significantly reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). Flash program memory supports parallel and serial in-system programming (ISP). Parallel programming provides a high-speed group programming (page programming) method, which can save programming costs and time to market.
ISP allows repetitive programming of components in the product under software control. The generation/update capability of firmware is applied to realize the full application of the ISP. P89V51RB2/RC2/RD2 can also be programmed in applications (IAP), allowing flash program memory to be reconfigured at any time, even if the application is running.
P89V51 chip characteristics:
The operating frequencies in 12x mode are 0 MHz to 33 MHz and in 6x mode are 20 MHz.
In-chip Flash User Code Memory of 8kB, 256B RAM
Enhanced UART, three 16-bit timers/counters, four 8-bit I/O ports
Alternative 12-clock (default) or 6-clock mode through software or online programming (ICP)
The packaging of DIP40, PLCC44, and LQFP44, 6 interrupt sources, four priorities
Second DPTR register, low EMI mode (ALE prohibition)
Low power mode with external interrupt wake-up and idle mode
Expanded temperature range, three security bits, programmable clock output pin

Model List

P87C5X Series MCU Break
P87C51 P87C52 P87C54 P87C58
P87C51X2BA P87C52X2BN P87C52X2BN P87C52UBAA
P87C54UBAA P87C51FA P87C51FB P87C51FC
P87C51MB2 P87C51RA+ P87C51RA2 P87C51RB+
P87C51RB2 P87C51RC+ P87C51RC2 P87C51RD+
P87C51RD2 P87C51X2 P87C52X2 P87C54X2
P87C552 P87C554 P87C557E8 P87C58X2
P87C591 87C592

P87CXXX Series MCU Break
P87C654X2 P87C660X2 P87C661X2
87C451 87C453 87C748
87C749 87C750 87C751 87C752

P89C5X Series MCU Break
P89C51 P89C52 P89C54 P89C58
P89C51B P89C52B P89C54B P89C58B
P89C54X2BA P89C58X2FN P89C51RA+ P89C51RA2
P89C51RB+ P89C51RB2 P89C51RB2H P89C51RC+
P89C51RC2 P89C51RC2H P89C51RD+ P89C51RD2
P89C51RD2H P89C51U P89C51X2 P89C52B
P89C52U P89C52X2 P89C54B P89C54U
P89C52X2 P89C54X2 P89C58B P89C58U P89C58X2……

P89CXXX Series MCU Break
P89C138 P89C238 P89C60X2BA P89C60X2 P89C61X2
P89C660H P89C662H P89C664H P89C668H P89C669 P89C738

P89VXXX Series MCU Break
P89LV51RB2 P89LV51RC2 P89LV51RD2 P89V51RB2
P89V51RB2 P89V51RC2 P89V51RC2 P89V51RD2
P89V660 P89V662 P89V664 ……

P89C51XX Series MCU Break
P89C51RD2 P89C51RC P89C51RB P89C51RA2BN
P89C51RD2B P89C51RD2F P89C51RD2H P89C51RA2BN

P87LPCXXX Series MCU Break
P87LPC76X P87LPC759 P87LPC760 P87LPC761
P87LPC762 P87LPC764 P87LPC767 P87LPC768
P87LPC769 P87LPC778 P87LPC779 ……

P89LPCXXX Series MCU Break
P89LPC901 P89LPC902 P89LPC903 P89LPC904
P89LPC906 P89LPC907 P89LPC908 P89LPC9102
P89LPC9103 P89LPC9107 P89LPC912 P89LPC913
P89LPC914 P89LPC915 P89LPC916 P89LPC917
P89LPC920 P89LPC921 P89LPC922 P89LPC9221
P89LPC924 P89LPC925 P89LPC930 P89LPC931
P89LPC9311 P89LPC932 P89LPC932A1 P89LPC933
P89LPC934 P89LPC935 P89LPC936 P89LPC938
P89LPC9401 P89LPC9408 P89LPC952 P89LPC954

LPC2XXX Series MCU Break
LPC2101 LPC2102 LPC2103 LPC2104
LPC2105 LPC2106 LPC2109 LPC2114
LPC2119 LPC2124 LPC2129 LPC2131
LPC2132 LPC2134 LPC2136 LPC2138
LPC2141 LPC2142 LPC2144 LPC2146
LPC2148 LPC2194 LPC2212 LPC2214
LPC2292 LPC2294 LPC2364 LPC2366
LPC2368 LPC2378

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