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The PCB change board can be said to be a PCB design reverse technology based on PCB copy board. The company can provide customers with professional PCB modification services, which can modify the appearance of the products, replace some of the products that are difficult to purchase in the electronic market, and have some complicated welding processes during the processing of the products. Replacement to reduce processing time and replace and change expensive parts of the product, reducing the cost of the product itself, and modifying the local features of the product to achieve the desired results.

Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with PCB copy board service and also gives you with PCB modification service. We will modify the template provided by you according to your requirements, and increase or decrease the various functional modules of the sample. And even create a new PCB design board for you..

With the improved PCB board, we guarantee 100% accuracy, and there will be no problems. During the PCB change process, we can generate various PCB design software documents (such as Protel99, PowerPCB, PADS2000, etc.) for you.

Our advantage:

(1) We have a professional and experienced design team that can solve and improve some defects and shortcomings in current PCB design and wiring, and can simulate high-speed data lines to ensure design quality.

(2),We have a full set of advanced experimental equipment, can test all the state of the PCB board signal, to ensure that the PCB clone board and the model remain 100%, to meet your copy board requirements. At the same time, we can also provide you with a complete PCB copy board solution.

(3), we aim to “provide high-quality service for you at the best price,” saving you money and saving time.

(4), we have a professional OEM PCB processing factory, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, can provide you with the sample processing and production services

customer group:
Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd.’s reverse technology research products cover almost all areas of industry, commercial, consumer and military. At present, it has developed into the most extensive and most technically reliable research and development, design, manufacturing, technology, and service in China. It has served more than 90% of the customers in the industry and has several worlds. Five hundred active enterprises, renowned research institutes, and universities have maintained good cooperative relations for a long time.

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