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They are committed to being the most powerful and authoritative high-speed PCB design service provider in China, specializing in various high-density/high-frequency PCB design, high-speed backplane design, motherboard, and mobile phone board design, blind buried-hole PCB design and different high-speed differential signal circuits. Board design, long-term supply of PCB LAYOUT, SI simulation analysis, power integrity simulation analysis, product / single board EMC design and other technical services and solutions, while assisting the procurement of cold partial components, compatible with functional device replacement, Design signal sources, test stands, etc.
For the various market segments of electronic information products, to provide customers with more professional high-speed PCB design solutions.OROD Technology has set up a mobile phone PCB design, notebook computer PCB design.high-speed Backplane PCB design, industrial control board PCB design, flexible circuit Panel design, various series of chip products PCB design and many other special project teams, the team members are senior software and hardware engineers who have accumulated years of design and development experience in the field of subdivided products, with professional technology and dedicated attitude to serve our customers.
We have rich design experience in high-frequency PCB design, high-speed PCB design, PCB simulation, PCB layout, digital-analog A/D hybrid board design, etc., such as PCI, CPCI, PCI-EXPRESS, ATCA, XAUI, SATA & SATAII. , 10GHz high-speed differential signal, DDR&DDRII SDRAM 800M, TI DSP series, MCU, ARM7 & ARM9 series, programmable logic, DLP-RAMBUS RLDRAM, Switch Power Supply, high-speed backplane, etc. Up to 38 layers of PCB multilayer circuit Board design, products covering network communications, IPC industrial control, medical electronics, automotive electronics, portable devices, digital consumer electronics, and many other applications.

service items:

High-speed PCB design:
Designing the ability
◎Maximum design layer: no limit
◎Maximum number of PIN: 48963
◎Max Connections:36215
◎ minimum via: 8MIL (4MIL laser hole)
◎Minimum line width: 3MIL
◎ Minimum line spacing: 4 MIL
◎ Maximum number of BGAs per PCB: 44
◎ minimum BGA PIN spacing: 0.5mm
◎ Highest speed signal: 10G CML differential signal
◎ The fastest delivery period: 20,000 PIN single board PCB pre-simulation, layout, wiring, post-simulation total six days.
·High speed and high-density PCB design
·High speed backplane design
·Probe card
·Board and mobile phone board design
·Industrial control board and test board
·Blind hole and buried hole design
·Minimum BGA pin-pith: 0.5mm
High-speed differential signal: 10 GHz differential signal
·Minimum line width and line spacing: 3MIL
·Minimum via hole size: 8mil (4mil Laser drill)
PCB signal simulation:
·Time series problem reflection reflection
·Overshoot overshoot
·Ringing ringing
·crosstalk crosstalk
·Power ground power/ground bounce
· Solution: such as routing topology, chip drive capability analysis, termination matching resistor scheme, etc., optimization schematic design.
·Signal matching scheme
·Signal trace topology
·High speed signal return current return path
·Power supply to decoupling
EMC analysis:
·Schematic analysis
·Slab construction analysis
·Device selection analysis
·High speed signal simulation SI
·Power ground stability analysis and filter capacitor distribution
·PCB layout wiring analysis
·Subsequent EMC testing and analysis

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