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How to find a good IC unlock company

If you are a new customer if you have not worked with any IC unlock company before, how can you find a reliable and reliable professional company to serve you?
First of all, you should check whether the supplier is an entity company or an individual. Now communication is very developed. Many people stay at home to receive orders through the network platform. Generally speaking, you should give priority to cooperation with IC unlock company, and give up and personally, Cooperation!
Secondly, you should find an experienced engineer (at least five years of experience in an industry). Because the IC unlock project is the most important for you. If you find Is a new company, although he gives you a lower price than his peers, but the IC that he finally gave you the decryption is indeed a failure; this will bring you damage to the original chip (and related original equipment), but also wasted your Courier costs, spending a lot of your time. So if you re-purchase the original product and find someone to crack, you pay more than the original!
One last tip: Be careful with the cheap trap: Many customers care about the low price, so they send the chip to some people who lie to the money. When they receive the chip, they will eat your deposit, and you will not get your original. Chip;
Shenzhen OROD company is your ideal choice:

1,The company engaged in IC unlock industry started in 2006 (formerly known as Hong Kong HX Technology Development Co., Ltd.); now renamed (Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd.) nearly 15 years of experience;

The company,s website domain registration time can be seen; it has been 15 years!



2,Shenzhen OROD Technology CO.,LTD The company has applied for the registration of “SZOROD” trademark:

3, the company is committed to the maintenance of the interests of both parties in strict accordance with the written contract, unsuccessful retreat!
4, the company only received a successful project: your chip into our hands, we will first test and evaluate and then let you pay the deposit if you are not sure of success, we will refund your original chip, you will not have What loss!
5, Shenzhen OROD company has been friendly cooperation with foreign companies in India, Iran, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, etc., friends from other countries sincerely join us, please contact us!